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Title: Cannes Film Festival

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Essay Instructions: Create a selection of 10 typed full daily entries describing the overall experience at the Cannes Film Festival. Write entries which you think best represent the experience of both film viewing and the general atmosphere of the festival, and which capture the diversity and richness of that experience. Some of these should include entries on our meetings with speakers from the industry, Billy Goldberg, Rick Hess, Lorraine Carrady Quinn, and Jeff Berg, all of who were not only excellent speakers but presented very different views and perspectives on the industry, from festival programming, production, financing and rights acquisition, to theatrical exhibition.

These entries, about 250 word in length, do not need to be as analytical and in-depth as your paper, but should still move beyond the obvious and trivial. Avoid submitting entries on films which you have chosen to write your paper on. The idea is that your paper together with your journal should represent as accurately as possible your festival experience as a whole.

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Title: what kind of message

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Essay Instructions: Read the situation and the two assignments carefully, and then write which of the four message types you would use for each of these assignments; share ideas on how you might approach each..
Intern Orientation Program
A year after your internship at the video store, after you finish your degree, you are hired as assistant to the director of the human resources department, partly on the strength of your proposal to develop a two-week orientation program for interns. That proposal was adopted, and its implementation is your first major assignment.
Each summer, about ten students from a nearby film school are given internships at the company, carrying out a variety of responsibilities. Each year, a few former interns who have completed their degrees are hired permanently. So the internship program is both good public relations??"many of these students are members of film societies or work in theaters in the community??"and a potential source of new hires.
Your own experience as an intern was great, overall, but a little disorganized??"the program was only two years old at the time. Interns were assigned randomly to a department, given no overview of the company as a whole, and then simply handed assignments which, depending on the office, ranged from gofering and answering the phone to writing catalogue copy to actually supervising other employees. Some interns thrived but others were either bored or freaked out, and there were a few minor disasters. The departments in which the disasters occurred are naturally skeptical now about the program and reluctant to take on new interns.
Your current plans and activities
You believe that disasters can be averted and everyone’s experience enhanced with the orientation program that you are now working to develop. Your first idea is an opening night pizza party and mini film festival, at which each intern will show a clip of his or her favorite classic film and lead a discussion of it. These students tend to be passionate and very knowledgeable about film, and you think that the internship program in the past has not tapped into that passion and knowledge. You also plan to show a film each evening while the interns eat an informal dinner. This will help them build camaraderie and a common stock of knowledge and references.
On a more nuts-and-bolts level, interns will fill out questionnaires, which will help you decide whom to assign to which department. Department directors will also fill out a questionnaire, indicating their needs and how they plan to employ the interns. You’ve been having meetings with the directors of the departments that had intern problems in the past (some of whom remain skeptical about the program), helping them figure out how to employ the interns in ways that will benefit both the department and the interns. After the two-week orientation, the interns will be assigned to a department in pairs, to give each other support. During the orientation, the pairs of interns will observe the operations of each department in the company, spending two days in each, so that they get an overview of the company and an understanding of how “their” department interacts with others.
The orientation will also include an opening lunch and a closing dinner, with speakers from each department and lunch with CEO Barney Fife at the opening session, and??"an inspiration you had just last week??"a talk by a popular local film critic at the closing dinner. The whole company will be invited to this dinner, which you hope will build a sense of community among the current employees and the interns.
Request for an update
After you’ve been working on plans for a few weeks, Drew Carey, the director of human resources, asks you for a written update. He’s been talking to the skeptical department directors, who appreciate your efforts but are still worried about the whole intern program, especially since such an inexperienced employee is in charge of the orientation. He has confidence in your ability and judgment, but figures he should keep on top of the ongoing plans.
You have most of the pieces in place, ready to roll out in a few months. The only things you still have left are the arrangements for the opening and closing sessions, both of which will be held somewhere outside the company. You’ve talked informally with the department directors and Barney Fife about speaking at the opening session, but you need to nail them down officially. In fact, although you’ve identified on which weekend the opening session will be held, you haven’t yet set the actual date, which will depend on Lamar’s schedule, which is still slightly up in the air. Once that’s settled, of course, you’ll need to reserve the room, the caterers, and so forth. And although you have the date and have reserved a room and caterers for the closing dinner, you haven’t yet written to Gene Rogers, the film critic, to invite him to speak. You have spoken with his assistant, who thinks Rogers would be interested and has the date free, but Rogers is currently out of town, attending the Cannes Film Festival. You’re working on the letter now, which you want to have mailed by the time he gets back.
Your assignments
1. Write to Carey, giving him the update he’s requested, in such a way that he will be able to reassure the nervous department directors.
2. Write to Gene Rogers, inviting him to speak at the closing session. He’s a busy public figure who probably gets, and turns down, many such invitations. But you happen to know that one of his special interests is encouraging young filmmakers, and in fact he occasionally teaches courses at the film school most of the interns attend, which is your alma mater as well. He has also recently published a book about film conservation, one of Gilbert Lamar’s special interests. And, as you’ve recently learned from the sales director, Rogers has a private screening room in his home??"he avoids videos if he can??"and has an active account with CFI.
What kind of message would you write for each of these people? What would you do if you had to deliver the information to Mr. Carey in the form of an oral presentation? What would you do in order to plan and prepare for the presentation? Create a plan as if you had to present this information orally to each audience.

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Title: how is art and culture on the internet impact on wider social issues

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Essay Instructions: Short Description

"Art and Culture on the Internet" is an intensive study of key art and cultural institutions using the internet for research and seminar dialogue. We use the internet to study how the internet is influencing art and culture. We will see the ways art and culture intersect on the internet by studying MOMA, MET, MTV, PBS, and many other conventional and alternative sites. Through forum dialogue, individual and group assignments, and a final project students will have an intensive experience of contemporary art and culture in order to better understanding their impact on wider social issues.

Course Description

Art and Culture converge in the world of museums, galleries, film festivals, and related television award programs.(For instance, online Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Leo Castelli, Mary Boone, Gagosian Gallery, Rhizome, Turbulence, and Artnet, PBS, MTV and BBC, NPR, CNN, And Pacific Radio Networks, etc.) We will attempt to answer the following questions- What is the difference between art and culture? When does art become culture? What is the impact of culture on wider society? How has the internet changed the creation, dissemination, and selling of art and culture? To do this we will study how museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions are using the internet to present the Institution and collections to the wider public. We will then visit some of the galleries and museums in New York metropolitan region that are studied online. We will also study alternative structures often developed by artist collectives. The goal is to quickly learn about trends in contemporary art and culture while considering how the internet changes the commercial, aesthetic, and conceptual structure for both.

Course Objectives

Students will use online resources to study the intersections of art, culture, and the internet in relationship to contemporary society. Students will learn communication skills required for effective postings to forum, creation of online power point presentations. They will learn about the recent history of ways that art and culture have blurred in American society. Students will also research international art sites that might present other ways to think about local issues. Through extensive study of major museum, gallery, film festival and other websites students will become aware of current trends that can be analyzed in relationship to changes in cultural attitudes and values. By considering the financial and commercial structures for art and cultural industries, students will become more familiar with economic realities and philosophical imperatives facing both fields.

The project must based on the above themes.

There are faxes for this order.

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Works Cited:


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Title: Global economics and policies

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Essay Instructions: Phase 3 Individual Project
Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages
Details: Your hometown newspaper needs someone to write an informative article on large scale economic issues. The reporter who spoke with you before thinks of you, welcomes you home, and requests another article. Click here to view a summary of disaggregated data drawn from information provided on the 2000 U.S. balance of payments which is in the 2002 federal document, Economic Report of the President, available on the web.

In addition to the balance of payments data presented above, the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ document entitled, International Investment Position of the United States ( offers the following information.

"At year-end 2002, the value of foreign investments in the United States exceeded the value of U.S. investments abroad by $2,387.2 billion (preliminary) with direct investment valued at current cost. At year-end 2001, foreign investments in the United States exceeded U.S. investments abroad by $1,979.9 billion (revised)."

Write a 2-3 page article on the United States’s current account deficit. The reporter will edit your material down to a usable length but asked for plenty of material with which to start. She requests that you answer the following questions:

What has caused the U.S. run a merchandise trade deficit year after year since the early 1980s?
Is the current account a deficit problem? Explain.
Is the trend of the international investment position of the U.S. problematic? Why or why not?
How is the current account related to a country’s business cycle?
What is the relationship between a country’s net financial inflow and its current account?
How does the U.S make adjustments for the balance of payment issues?
Please submit your assignment.

Points Possible: 125
Date Due: Monday, Nov 10, 2008
Objective: Examine current global economic and political policies and their impact on business decisions.
Use effective communication techniques.

Please follow exactly. The following format
If you notice, the important topics are broken down, helping you to structure your argument carefully


When is international trade an opportunity for workers?

In 2007, the Tribeca Film Festival underwent a modern-day rite of passage: the backlash.

When is international trade a threat to workers?

Get a glimpse into the hidden world of Jackie Chan, and watch an exclusive online Q&A with the action megastar

What are some of the major challenges confronting the international trading system?

Some of the major challenges confronting international trading system are:

I. Getting the Public on the Side for Global Trading

Did Chuck Berry steal the "Johnny B. Goode" riff from a mysterious teenager named Calvin Klein?

II. Getting Governments to Step Up and Put Into Place Education and Retraining for Lost Jobs

The seventh annual festival, which opens Wednesday night with the premiere of the Tina Fey comedy "Baby Mama,"

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

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Korporaal, Glenda. (2007). Greenspan Gives our Deficit his Blessing. The Australian.

Humpage, Owen F. (2004). A Hitchhiker's Guide to the U.S. Current Account Deficit. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

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