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Title: Representing masculinities in Casino Royale and Fight Club

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Essay Instructions: ‘The relation between heterosexual and homosexual men is central, carrying heavy symbolic freight. To many people, homosexuality is the negation of masculinity. […] Given that assumption, antagonism toward homosexual men may be used to define masculinity’. (R.W. Connell) Consider ways in which this definition of homosexuality as the negation of masculinity is either reinforced or challenged in Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club' and Ian Fleming's 'Casino Royale'.

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Reference List

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Title: Social Psychology One interesting things social psychology principles applied daily life current events television shows movies For assignment task analyze application target phenomenon a movie

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Essay Instructions: Social Psychology

One of the interesting things about social psychology is that its principles can be seen applied everywhere: daily life, current events, television shows, movies, etc. For this assignment, your task is to analyze the application of your target phenomenon in a movie.

Select a movie from the list below that you know illustrates your target phenomenon. View the film you choose at least once (although two viewings offers a distinct advantage), then highlight how your target phenomenon is depicted in the film.

In your analysis:

1.Briefly describe the relevant scene (half a page)
2.Describe in detail the social psychological principle that you believe is relevant (half a page to one page)
3.Elaborate on how the selected scene conforms and/or fails the conform to the social psychological principle you have identified (one to two pages)
4.Conclude with a short discussion to tie things together (one to two pages)
Your paper should be a maximum of six pages.

Movies Illustrating Social Psychological Phenomenon

c.Fight Club
Addresses person perception, attitudes, social influence, group behavior, aggression.

Please do not include the movie as a reference

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Antisocial Personality Disorder. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fourth edition. Copyright 1994 American psychiatric Association. Retrieved from

Nauert, R. (2010). Antisocial behavior linked to genes and envrionment. PsychCentral 6 August 2010. Retrieved from linked-to-genes-and-environment/16513.html

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Title: Sociological Movie Review on Fight Club

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Essay Instructions: This sociological essay based from the movie Fight Club should talk about specific sociological concepts such as (which ever apply): social stratification issues, gender/sexuality Issues, crime/deviance Issues, racial/ethnic Issues, education Issues and culture.

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Title: FIght Club

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Essay Instructions: I would prefer writergrrl101 to write my paper. Thanks!

The film version of Fight Club inspired some viewers to create their own fight clubs in cities across the country. Discuss whether you think this demonstrates an understanding of the film's thematic concerns or a misinterpretation of those concerns.

Film: Fight Club
Text: The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative: H. Porter Abbott

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Works Cited

Abbott, H. Porter. The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative. Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Fight Club." Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, 1999.

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