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Title: Feminism in Politics

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Essay Instructions: Feminism Questions
1. Discuss some of the major feminist critique of mainstream political science.
2. How has feminism contributed to the study of political participation?

required References :
1. Vicky Randall, "Feminism." In Marsh, David and Gerry Stoker (eds.), Theory and Methods in Political Science (2nd ed) (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2002), 109-130.

2.Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris, "The Developmental Theory of the Gender Gap: Women's and Men's Voting Behavior in Global Perspective", International Political Science Review (2000), 21:4, 441-463.
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Title: I a short paper feminism double spaced pages times roman 12 font academically credible sources bibliography Chicago Manual Style

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Essay Instructions: I have a short paper about feminism. three double spaced pages in times new roman, 12 font, with two or more academically credible sources, bibliography and using Chicago Manual Style.

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Title: Sociology of Women Short Answers

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Essay Instructions: Answer each of the following questions with short answers. Please get a hold of "Feminism is for Everybody" by Bell Hooks. Many Libraries carry this book.

1. Describe each of the following theoretical perspectives of women;s subordination in society. Discuss which aspect of woman?s subordination each focuses on.

biological determinism
liberal feminism
socialist feminism
radial feminism
multiracial feminism

2.Using Feminism is for everybody, describe how Bell Hooks defines each of the following. Also, discuss why Hooks critiques liberal feminism and advocates radical feminist.

liberal or lifestyle feminism
radical or visionary feminism

3. Using Feminism is for Everybody, describe the role of consciousness-raising in understanding woman;s oppression and becoming a feminist. Discuss the first step in changing sexist and racist oppression.

4.Using Feminism is for Everybody, describe the critique of woman?s studies and feminist theory from each of the following perspectives:

working class white woman
feminists of color
lesbian feminists

5.Using ?White Privilege and Male Privilege? (2), describe how Peggy McIntosh define white privilege. From he list, describe two examples of how whites are privilege and people of color are subordinate.

6. Using the handout, ?The Male Privilege Checklist,? describe how B. Deutch defines male privilege. From his list , describe tow examples of how men are privilege and woman are subordinated.

7. Discuss of gender is constructed in U.S. society. Describe how femininity if defined and how is masculinity defined. Describe how the social construction of gender maintains fender inequality.

8. Using the film, Killing Us Softly4: Advertising?s Images to Women, describe how femininity is socially constructed, including women;s value is society. Discuss how the objectification of woman maintains women?s subordination in society.

9. Describe the beauty ideal for men and women in U.S. culture. Describe two ways beauty ideal maintains male dominance in society.

10. Using Hooks? chapter, ?Beauty and the Body (Ch.6),? in Feminism is for Everybody, describe how the beauty ideal maintains control over woman?s bodies. Describe what the scene form the film, Real WOman Have Curves, of Mexican American woman accepting their bodies suggests about challenging the beauty myth.

11. Describe two examples of how language reinforces women?s subordination.

12. Describe how woman how women?s dress is socially defined. Discuss what it means to dress ?sexy.? Discuss how woman are supposed to dress at work. Discuss how the standards for women?s dress subordinate women.

13. Describe two examples of gender differences in verbal and nonverbal communication that create and maintain woman?s subordination through social interactions.

14. Using Hood?s chapter ?Women and Work? (Ch.9) in Feminism is for Everybody, describe how women?s work is devalued. Discuss how the devaluation of women?s work benefits men.

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Essay Instructions: Research Paper about "Feminism"

try to use a simple language

Content research

I ? Introduction
?What is feminism
?The relationship between feminism and '' A Doll's House ''
II ? '' A Doll's House ''
?Henrik Ibsen
?Summary of the play
III ? Feminism in ''A Doll's House''
?Men treat women as their property
?Nora sacrifices her life for her husband Helmer
?Nora believes that she has her own rights
?Nora leaves the home
IV ? How could ''A Doll's House'' affect the women at that time?
V ? Conclusion
?The researchers' point of view

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