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Title: Federalism

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Essay Instructions: FEDERALISM

Write a research paper on American federalism .
Your paper should be between 8 and 10 pages.
It will comprise 15% of your course grade.
Clearly organize your paper on federalism to include the following: (these are the different sections of your paper clearly identified as section 1 (the concept of federalism), section 2 (background) and section 3 etc.

(1) Clearly define the concept of federalism with the American governmental system
(2) discuss the background of American federalism
(3) discuss the constitutional aspects of American federalism including specific clauses
(4) discuss at least three United States Supreme Court cases on federalism being sure to clearly identify key issues of the dispute and the outcome and do you agree or disagree with the courts out come: why or why not
(5) discuss the following concepts as part of American federalism
a. separation of powers
b. judicial review
c. checks and balances
d. the elastic clause
(6) discuss in sufficient detail at least one current public policy issue involving federalism such as the DOMA (defense of marriage act), abortion, education or immigration policy. This section is YOUR opinion and analysis.

Students are expected to use academic resources above and beyond the assigned text, and follow rigorous academic citing guidelines, see student handbook for additional details and the course syllabus as applicable


· paper address each area in an organized and detailed manner consistent with the questions requirements,
· maximum of three spelling and usage errors
· Meets/exceeds minimum length criteria
· Attention to academic referencing and standards clearly evident & comprehensive

· Discusses each area of the question
· Lacks some detail that are relevant to a first class answer
· Barely meets minimum length criteria
· Obvious spelling and usage errors denote some carelessness in editing
· Academic referencing acceptable

· Discusses each area of question
· Significant detail omitted
· Meets minimum length criteria
· Spelling and usage errors denote inattention to editing
· Academic referencing minimally acceptable, omitted some detail

· Omitted one or more of the question areas
· Insufficient detail reflecting clear scholarship deficiencies
· Excessive spelling and usage errors
· Academic referencing seriously deficient in form, substance and detail
· Does not meet minimum length criteria

· Omits three or more of the question areas
· Lacks major portions of the details necessary to demonstrate even minimal understanding of the concept of American federalism
· Does not meet minimum length criteria by more than 50 %
· Academic referencing virtually non-existent and poorly presented
· Spelling and usage errors present with such frequency and magnitude that the overall presentation is degraded

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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Title: What federalism Describe importance federalism American public administration How complicate administrators pursuit efficiency What political costs making government system fragmented

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Essay Instructions: What is federalism? Describe the importance of federalism to American public administration. How does it complicate administrators' pursuit of efficiency? What are the political costs of making the government system less fragmented?

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

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"Federalism." Kent State, 2010. Web. 23 Jun. 2012

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Title: The topic 1 The problem federalism completely happy division power Give case locally controlled nationally controlled policy Focus issues morality narrow scope paper The topics relate chapters main Government America text relate selected readings provided instructor

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Essay Instructions: The topic is :

1. The problem with federalism is that no one is ever completely happy with the division of power. Give the case for either locally controlled or nationally controlled policy. Focus on issues of morality to narrow the scope of the paper.

The topics will relate to one or more chapters in the main Government in America text and may also relate to selected readings provided by your instructor. Papers will be reasonable in length (between 900 and 1200 words) and will require the use of citation formatting and writing techniques essential to the University student. , and students will be required to use primary and secondary sources to support their positions. Due dates for the papers will be provided and the topics will also be supplied well in advance. Paper scores will be reduced 7 points per day for every day late, which roughly equates to a grade lost for each day late.

Whenever a student quotes, paraphrases, or summarizes an idea from a book or article used in class or outside of it to support the tenants of a paper, that source must be documented in MLA style. The writing center and the library both have guides to the recently revised MLA format. Also see, http://www.svsu.edu/writingcenter/resources.htm.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

"Title 23." U.S. Senate, 2000. Web. 9 Mar. 2012

Bonnie, Richard. Reducing Underage Drinking. Washington DC: National Academy Press, 2004. Print.

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Title: Federalism

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Essay Instructions: Prompt:
Define federalism and distinguish it from other types of government systems. Explain why the United States adopted a federal system in its second Constitution. Give a history of federalism from 1789 to present and show how it has changed over the years. Is federalism preferable to other systems for the United States? (pros and cons)
1. Must be a minimum of 3 81/2 x 11 inch college ruled blue book (equivalent to 2 typed pages?)
2. Must underline at least 3 terms, ideas or concepts from the book with the corresponding page numbers in parentheses following the underlined term or concept taken from the book.
3. Written in an Intro-Body-Conclusion format

The book is called American Government and Politics Today Custom Edition By: Barbara A. Bardes (there are 3 other authors as well Mack C. Shelley, Steffen W. Schmidt and John L. Korey but I believe this section that the essay prompt is referring to was written by Bardes.)

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Excerpt From Essay:


Boyd, E. (1997). American Federalism, 1776 to 1997:

Significant Events. Retrieved April 24, 2013 from http://www.cas.umt.edu/polsci/faculty/greene/federalismhistory.htm

Leroy, A.W. (2010).The American constitutional system: principal characteristics -- federalism. Retrieved April 24, 2013 from http://www.proconservative.net/cunapolsci201partsixb.shtml

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