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Title: greekandenglish

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Essay Instructions: Comparison of one Greek or Roman work + one later work from the English canon.
**** compare Oedipus the King to Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller.****
some of the Themes i suggests are; Self-knowledge, the hero, portrait of marriage, family and society, fate and free will.
Please compare these two work discussing these themes, ideas...etc.
Also report which elements you are emphasizing; narration, character, imagery, plot and sililarities and differences between the two works.

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Title: Oediupus Tyrannus

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I need the following questions answer in essay format
Type the answer to the following questions, Note that the question number one should be posed as an argument; you answer is acceptable whether you argue for or against free will. However, you do need to support your argument with details from the TEXT.
1. List examples and/or situations from the play that would support the concept of fate (Oedipus serves as the puppet of the gods). Then list examples and/or situations that would support the idea that Oedipus has a free will and is responsible for his actions, Try to find at lease three examples for each side of the argument.

2. Use the above list to construct a short essay in which you discuss the concepts of fate and free will. Does the play indicate that man has no free will but is a puppet in the hands of the gods? Or does the play portray Oedipus as a man who is responsible for his actions, both before and after he learns the truth about his identity? You may also argue that both points of view are present. Provide example from the play to support your theory.

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