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Title: Famous Resaissance Figures Report on John Knox

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Essay Instructions: Famous Renaissance Figure Report

2 Page Report on John Knox
1 Brief Presentation Report on John Knox

The following question need to be answered on the report.
1. Where did John Knox grow up?
2.What type of education did John Knox receive?
3.What type of things is John Knox known forx
4.What did society as a whole think of John Knox?
5.How did John Knox die?
6.What type of legacy did John Knox leave?
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Title: ethics

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Essay Instructions: Famous defense attorney F. Lee Bailey was disbarred in Florida on November 12, 2001, for mishandling client finds.

Read the facts of the case and discuss whether you believe Bailey should have been disbarred.

Be sure to discuss the conflict of interest that exists between the business interests of defense attorneys and their duty to their client, as well as their duty as an officer of the court.

The Florida Supreme Court’s decision can be found on Do a search for “Florida Bar v. F. Lee Bailey.”

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Essay Instructions: I have to write about the history book "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men(Authors: James Agee, and Walker Evans)".
I need 2 pages of a detailed summation of the book, and 1 page of connecting the contents of the book and the New Deal.

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Title: Intereview to famous artists sculptors musicians

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Essay Instructions: Using information from books or internet interview two famous artists, painters, sculptors, or musicians from the same historical time period who use the same style. 750-900 words. Using your imagination make a list of 4-5 questions to ask your artists. This is not a biography, but it is a get to know your artists in more depth. Read about the artists, devise the questions and answers them on the basis of the research.
The first paragraph introduce introuce the artist, tell what you are wrting about , summarize the reason you choose the two artitst. Then give the question and answer. Use the questions to organize your answer, give the question then underneath give the responses. Could put quotationaround answers.
When this paper is submitted it is required to be linked to if you feel this is a problem please let me know.

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