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Title: Family values and meaning worldview

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Essay Instructions: Family values and purpose
The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the worldview of the on-screen family: Married with Children, which is described as a secular humanist family. Then compare and contrast worldview differences between “Married with Children” and a Christian family worldview perspective. Evaluate and cover the following three points: no belief in God, morals are developed from a humanistic perspective (no God), no meaning to life but rather just an instinct to survive which is another humanism characteristic. A Christian worldview is different in where: existence of God, morals, and life meaning is all guided by the word of God via the Bible. During the comparing and contrast be sure to add text to include a perspective of a Christian family that contrast to that of the sitcom (Secular Humanist worldview).

Essay to be 650 word min ??" 750 words max.
Please include 5 in-text references.
Please include a reference list.
I will provide you with a APA template.

Two citations must come from (Cosgrove, 2006) and the other 3 citation from any of the following references:

Cosgrove, M. (2006). Foundations of Christian thought: Faith, learning, and the Christian worldview. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel. ISBN-13: 978-0-8254-2434-2

Strobel, L. (2000). The case for faith: A journalist investigates the toughest objections to Christianity. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. ISBN-13: 978-0-310-23469-2

Clark, Tom. (2006, December 29). Center for Naturalism. The Center for Naturalism, Inc. Retrieved from

Kurtz, Paul. (2010, March 29). Beyond Atheism Beyond Agnosticism Secular Humanism. Council for Secular Humanism. Retrieved from

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Excerpt From Essay:


Clark, T. (2008). "Center for Naturalism." The Center for Naturalism.

Cited in:

Kurtz, P. (2010). "Beyond Atheism -- Beyond Agnosticism -- Secular Humanism."

Council for Secular Humanism. Cited in:

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"Married With Children -- Official Site." (2010). Sony Pictures. Cited in:

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Title: Family Values Paper Write a 550 word paper describes importance family health society practice environment a base theories presented readings week Address topics paper 1 How a family work a system promoting health members 2 What concept family area nursing practice Is helpful concept family nursing practice Why 3 Which theories presented readings week conducive area practice This essay a personal experience I worked ICU specialized BURN ICU types population 6 months elderly multicultural group cater patients family patients stayed ICU long periods time patients stayed 2 weeks 1 year depends mechanisms severity injur References THEORISTS CONCEPTUAL MODEL OREM THEORY care model ROY's ADAPTATION THEORY model pls concentrate OREM's THEORY MODEL ROY's KING's Interacting SYSTEM MODEL Use a minimum references

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Essay Instructions: Family Values Paper

Write a 550 word paper that describes the importance of family in the health of our society using your practice environment as a base and one or more of the theories presented in the readings for this week. Address the following topics in your paper:

1) How does a family work as a system in promoting the health of its members?

2)What is the concept of family most used in your area of nursing practice? Is it the most helpful concept for considering family in nursing practice? Why?

3)Which of the theories presented in your readings this week is conducive to your area of practice and why?

This is essay is about a personal experience:
--I worked in ICU specialized in BURN ICU
--types of population from 6 months to elderly, multicultural group
--we cater for these patients and family
--our patients stayed in ICU for long periods of time, sometimes patients stayed from 2 weeks to 1 year depends on mechanisms and severity of injur
References you may only use as far of THEORISTS CONCEPTUAL MODEL: OREM THEORY--self-care model, ROY's ADAPTATION THEORY model, pls concentrate on OREM's THEORY MODEL, ROY's and KING's Interacting SYSTEM MODEL

Use a minimum of three references.
Format your paper consistent with APA

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Jacobs, C. (1990). Orem's self-care model: is it relevant to patients in intensive care? Intensive Care Nursing, 100-103.

Ngui, E., & Flores, G. (2006). Satisfaction With Care and Ease of Using Health Care Services Among Parents of Children With Special Health Care Needs: The Roles of Race/Ethnicity, Insurance, Language, and Adequacy of Family-Centered Care. Pediatrics, 1184-1196.

Wang, C., & Fenske, M. (1996). Self-Care of Adults With Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: Influence of Family and Friends. The Diabetes Educator, 465-470.

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Title: Family Values

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Essay Instructions: This assignment is in prepartion for an essay exam I will be taking. I have been given five different topics to write about. I am stumped as to how to put this one together.
Issue: "Family values" change as society changes. As a result, ideas about how children should be raised change.
A. Write a letter to one of the following audiences in which you compare and contrast at least two of your ideas about raising children with a minimum of two ideas of the adult or adults who raised you. You may address the letter to the editor of a parenting magazine, family pediatrician, or a teenage son or daughter.
B. Revise the first two paragraphs of your letter by addressing one of the other two audiences.

Extra info: I was raised in a very strict environment where my parents expected impeccable manners and also complete compliance. I was not allowed to ask questions as to why they wanted me to do particular things.
When I raised my children, I maintained the expectations around manners. They are young adults today and they continue to have impeccable manners. I believe that treating others respect will be returned to you two fold. I did not silence them though, when they had questions. I always allowed them to ask whatever they wanted. I enjoyed their curiosity and encouraged it. My parents viewed it as disrespect. I have a wonderful relationship with my children. We know the boundries as parents and children, but we can still be friends. I did not experience that with my parents. Even as an adult, I could never have that type of relationship with them.
This essay/letter should be written from personal experience and, therefore, does not require any other research.

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Title: Values of Media

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Essay Instructions: The impact that TV shows has on family values. History of ten year of mass media of family values . What has mass media contributed to family vales. Pros and cons.
What has mass media done to influence family development.
How much has technology influenced society as far as education.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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