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Title: Expository essay TV Series Dark Angle Episode PILOT This essay link Utopia written explanations

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Essay Instructions: Expository essay!

TV Series "Dark Angle"
Episode "PILOT"

This essay must link with Utopia
and must be in written explanations

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Essay Instructions: Expository Essay Final Project

Your final expository essay, written in third-person point of view, must be 1,500 to 1,750 words in length and formatted consistent with Associate Program style guidelines. Include the following elements:

A title page
An introduction and a thesis statement
A body with supporting evidence and in-text citations
A conclusion
A reference list with at least two Internet sources

Title: King Crab fishing in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

Thesis Statement: The physical and financial costs to commercially fishing for King Crab in the Bearing Sea exceed the price of a crab dinner.

The following types of paragraphs would be appropriate for this expository essay:

Descriptions: Describe a crab, include visuals, the different tastes, how and when they are in season and how they are eaten in different cultures and places in the world.

Division and classification: Separate crabs into different types, such as red and blue crabs and King and Opilio and then separate those divisions into further categories.

Process analysis: Provide step-by-step directions explaining how to fish for king crab.

Definitions: Define types of equipment needed for fishing and its uses, bait and job title with meaning.

Comparison-contrast: Compare and contrast fishing for King Crab with other types of crab fishing and the costs of each.

Data, facts, historical: Research commercial fishing for King Crab for regulations, fee, time, and catch limits requirements, statistics on amounts of crab caught, boats used and lost and the history of commercial fishing and the risks.

The topic of my expository essay is King Crab Fishing in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Three of the subtopics I will be writing about are fishing and or harvesting, the locations that can be fished for Alaskan King Crab Location and the types of equipment needed to fish for crabs.

I will provide information on fishing and or harvesting, regulations, costs for licenses and types of crabs from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The location for these fisheries will come from NOAA. The webpage Simple Guide to Crabbing has information on equipment, income, processers cost of fuel and catch to table information.

Reference List

(Jiang, 2012)
(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2012)
(Alaska Department of Fish and Game, 2012)

Alaska Department of Fish and Game. (2012). Fishing in Alaska. Retrieved from State of Alaska:
Jiang, T. (2012, May 24). Introduction to Crabbing. Retrieved from Simple Guide to Crabbing in the Lower Mainland:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (2012). Fisheries Home Feature Stories 2012. Retrieved from NOAA Fisheries Service:

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Title: explanation of why dinosaurs became extinct

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Essay Instructions: Expository paragraph
Write a cause and effect paragraph on the Explanation of why dinosaurs became extinct.
use cue words to demonstrate knowledge of expository text structures Cause and effect writes describe onoe or more causes and the resulting effect or effects in this pattern. Reasons why, if then, as a result, therfore, and because are words and phrases that cue this structure. Explanations of why dinosaurs became extinct, Expository Text Structure Description Sequence Comparison Cause and effect problem and solution

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Title: Ethics in Information Technology

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Essay Instructions: Expository writing is a type of writing, the purpose of which is to inform, explain, describe, or define the author's subject to the reader.

After reading the 1985 essay titled What is Computer Ethics?, [attached] by James Moor, write an expository essay (3 ??" 5 pages) that would assist you??"for your own use, but in a complete academic form and format??"in preparing for an interview with Dr. Moor. The essay should include all of the following from his seminal essay:

1. Explain what Dr. Moor meant by the policy vacuum in 1985?
• What does this mean to you today?
• Are there any current examples (i.e., minimum of two) of a policy vacuum?

2. Explain what a conceptual vacuum is, as defined by Dr. Moor?
• What comes first - the conceptual vacuum or the policy vacuum and why?
• Is a coherent conceptual framework necessary - why?
• Provide at least two relevant examples of the conceptual vacuum that may exist today.

3. Explain what logical malleability is, as defined by Dr. Moor? Provide at least one relevant example.

4. Dr. Moor likened the Computer Revolution to the English Industrial Revolution.
• Do you agree with his comparison ??" why or why not?
• Is the Computer Revolution complete ??" why or why not?
• Provide at least two relevant examples to support your argument.

5. Dr. Moor states that the invisibility of computer computations is ethically significant.
• Do you agree with his statement ??" why or why not?
• Provide at least two relevant examples.

6. Considering Dr. Moor’s overall essay ??" did he make his case for Computer Ethics as a field of study with special status ??" explain?

7. Prepare at least three questions that you would like to ask and discuss with Dr. Moor. The questions should reflect your insight into his seminal essay.

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