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Title: What would happen if the drinking age were raised in the military

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1823 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Exploratory Research Log and Paper
These are the requirements for the Exploratory Research Log and Paper:
1. Keep a research log. Your research log must show at least 10 sources and at least 3 different kinds of sources. Each source must be properly cited according to APA documentation style. The log will be turned in with your paper.
2. Do research to examine your question, problem or issue from a variety of perspectives.
3. Write an exploratory paper of 850-1000 words and present it according to the format guidelines in your syllabus.
4. In your paper explain your chosen question, problem or issue and why you are interested in it and have not as yet reached a satisfactory answer or position (your starting point).
5. Write a first-person, chronologically organized, narrative account of your thinking process as you did your research. Do not simply report on what you found, but show evidence of a dialectic process in which you think about what you are learning. Analyze what you are learning, compare and contrast new information with previously learned information, question discrepancies, notice new questions that arise, synthesize ideas by reflecting on information learned from various sources, assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of various points of view, ‘talk back’ to your sources, decide what you need to do next. (You can read more about how to write in this way in A&B page 162.) It is not necessary to arrive at a satisfactory answer, but you must show how your thinking has evolved.
6. Use appropriate APA documentation style for in-text citations.

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Title: Alcohol and Alcoholism Binge Drinking Exploratory

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1012 References: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Essay #2: Exploratory Essay

For your second major assignment, you will write an exploratory essay. The exploratory essay is an open-form, perspective-gathering essay in which you explore or, more appropriately, discover the deeper issues concerning a problem of your choice. Please think of this as a lengthy research project where you report your findings. Rather than arguing a particular point of view?which is what we?ve been focusing on thus far?your objective in this assignment is to investigate an issue by ?wallowing in complexity? (i.e., to research and analyze a thesis, as well as its antithesis, in order to formulate a synthesis; to question the common or conventional ways of looking at a particular issue). This essay will chronologically narrate your own process of researching and thinking about a problem. Therefore, you must write this essay in first-person. For your benefit, the Allyn and Bacon textbook provides two exploratory/discovery essays on pages 485-501. These essays provide an excellent pattern to follow.

You?ll begin, as good writing often does, with a question. (Know that this initial question must intrigue you to some degree, and that asking significant questions throughout your research is the point of the discovery process.) Next you?ll either research a source to come up with a tentative response (i.e., your thesis) or you?ll have a preliminary response already in mind. Then you will critique this initial response by researching and reading against the grain. (This is what a poor writer/thinker/arguer fails to do.) In short, you will try to find both the strengths and shortcomings to the response. This should lead to additional questions, which should be a more complex set of questions because it will be based on your research and involvement with the overall topic. You will attempt to respond to a new question, and then expose that response or answer (by researching and reading against the grain again), and so on and so forth.

The purpose of this project is not to locate definitive answers, for thought-provoking and insightful questions rarely end with a definitive answer. The exploratory essay documents the evolution of your thinking on a problem. Most writers of exploratory essays have very little trouble with organization because this essay simply describes the writer?s research and thinking in chronological order. Think of this essay as a sort of narrative. Keep in mind, however, that you will have nothing to organize?and thus nothing insightful to say in your essay?without discovering and analyzing your problem?s complexity. Again, you must wallow or immerse yourself in a problematic issue or, better yet, conversation by taking into account various perspectives. Therefore, research, proper documentation, and reflective thinking are essential components to this assignment.

Because this essay is so heavy on research and analysis, I will cancel a future class or two (or three) so that you may get more involved in your research. I will discuss this as the assignment progresses. If you don?t apply yourself to the time-consuming process of research and analysis, you will not succeed; therefore, take heed and be diligent. I am available to answer any questions you may have. Please don?t hesitate to ask for advice or guidance.
Chapter 14 ? Writing an Exploratory Essay (or Annotated Bibliography)
Chapter 19 ? (Review) Composing and Revising Open-Form Prose
Chapter 20 ? Asking Questions, Finding Sources
Chapter 21 ? Evaluating Sources
Chapter 22 ? Incorporating Sources into Your Own Writing
Summary of Grading Criteria
Basically, I will be looking for essays which:

? Wallow in complexity by using dialectic thinking to fully explore and examine the issue
? Explore the topic in a relatively unbiased way
? Use sufficient research to adequately explore the topic
? Clearly and fairly summarize the research
? Present a solid Works Cited page
? Use language and style appropriate to the subject and audience.

By working on this assignment, you will achieve the following objectives:

? Analyze rhetorical strategies in professional texts and show an understanding of how writers respond to their historical/cultural context
? Consider and analyze student writing samples
? Evaluate research sources and synthesize the ideas of others into your own writing
? Effectively locate and evaluate sources
? Produce a research-based document
? Document sources according to MLA format

Specific Points for Grading Criteria
I will grade your essays based on the following criteria:

? Has the writer shown the problem to be interesting, problematic, and significant?
? Has the writer shown that his/her objective is to thoughtfully explore a question instead of defending a thesis statement?
? Has the writer done enough research?
? Does the essay clearly summarize the argument in each piece of research?
? Does the essay employ dialectic thinking? For example, are there instances of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis?
? Does the writer treat all of the material fairly, or is the writer clearly biased?
? To what extent does the essay ?wallow in complexity?? That is to say, does the essay present a balanced view; does the essay postpone closure on the issue so the writer can deeply explore the topic?
? Does the portfolio contain a Works Cited page?

? Does the essay clearly show the evolution of the writer?s thinking?
? Does the essay recount the research process by asking questions?
? Does the essay show how the writer?s thinking changed through research and analysis?
? Does each paragraph develop and explicate one supporting point?
? Does each paragraph utilize a topic sentence?
? Does the organization reveal a clear line of reasoning and emphasize what is important?
? Does the ending sum up the evolution of the writer?s thinking and clarify why the writer hasn?t solved the problem?
? Can each sentence be understood the first time it is read?
? Are points made in fewest words possible? Or does the essay contain pretentious diction?
? Is the voice likeable; does it sound like a real person speaking?
? Is the tone and diction appropriate for the stated audience?
? Are MLA rules and conventions followed?

if this doesnt mention a specific word count could you make it a bit over 1000 words please.

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Title: Exploratory Research

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1033 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Questions 1-7 which reviews exploratory research must be answered with critical thinking skills. Please answer questions in detail and support your answers with scholarly research citations where appropriate. Each response should be approximately 125 words using critical thinking skills.

1. Define qualitative and quantitative research. Compare and contrast the two approaches.

2. Why do exploratory research designs rely so much on qualitative research techniques?

3. Why do causal designs rely so much on quantitative research techniques?
4. What are the basic orientation of qualitative research?
5. Of the four basic orientations of qualitative research, which do you think is most appropriate for a qualitative approach designed to better define a business situation prior to conducting confirmatory research?

6. What type of exploratory research would you suggest in the following situations?

a. A product manager suggests development of non tobacco cigarette blended form wheat, cocoa, and citrus.
b. A research project has the purpose of evaluating potential names for a corporate spin-off.
c. A human resource manager must determine the most important benefits of an employee health plan.
d. An advertiser wishes to identify the symbolism associated with cigar smoking.

7. What are the key differences between a focus group interview and a depth interview?

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: class: Principles of Marketing

Topic: Briefly Describe the four main steps of the marketing research process and outline differences between causal, exploratory, and descriptive research methods.

Book Required: Principles of Marketing 14edition
Author: Kotler ## Armstrong

note: This must have some thought behind it. Showing a true understanding of it all.

Excerpt From Essay:

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