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Title: Experience and other Evidence

Total Pages: 2 Words: 817 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Experience and Other Evidence Essay should be 750 - 800 words!!!

The Assignment - Experience and Other Evidence essay

For the Experience and Other Evidence essay, you'll construct an argument about an issue you can relate to in some specific way by including both your own experience and evidence from research. These two kinds of evidence should mutually inform each other; that is, you should be able to analyze and reflect on your experience through the lens of the research you do, and you should read the research with a critical eye, informed by your own experience. The idea here is that the research should not just be tacked on to a narrative of your experience, but you should use the research to critically consider your experience and develop your argument. Note that other evidence includes the following: authoritative testimony, statistics, and examples (from real events, hypothetical cases, and analogies). You must have a works cited page of at least three sources, and you must specifically refer to all of these in the body of the paper. Remember that you will want to show your reader how your personal experience may count as evidence. Personal narratives may be used to argue about the lessons of our experiences for a particular audience at a particular time.

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Essay Instructions: Experience Through Language, Distinctively Visual

Question "What important elements have helped to create distinctive and effective visual impacts in your core text and one other related text of your own choosing?"

Core Text is "THE SHOE-HORN SONATA" by John Misto.
Chosen Text is a poem "THE TOM-CAT" by Don Marquis, 1878-1937
Must demonstrate the important elements that help create distinctive and effective visual impacts in the texts. Express ideas effectively using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form.
Distinctively visual - the power of language used to create images in text.

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Title: Dissertation involving IT Skills

Total Pages: 73 Words: 20187 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Experienced dissertation writers only with knowledge in IT! Email for file associated with this assignment.

Times New Roman font
12-point font size
1-inch margins

FREE bibliography, references, footnotes, and/or works cited

Pages before the Table of Contents, which might include Acknowledgements,

Preface, Synopsis etc., should be numbered in Roman numerals, centred either

at the foot or top of the page. Pages following the Table of Contents should

be numbered using Arabic numerals and again be centred either at the foot or

top of the page.

Approximately 300 citations.

The dissertation should be constructed in the format which makes the most

sense of the work i have done. There are two key elements to the

dissertation, one is to develop understanding of the consultancy process and

my part in it. And the other is the actual problem itself.

I will be getting in touch approximately once a week to check on the

progress of the dissertation.

P.S. Could you send the specific fax number to which to send extra materials

(including further specs for the dissertation) as soon as possible so I can

send them over. Cheers!

*** Please see attachment, it is a copy of my notes on the dissertation. *** I will need the dissertation to be pleted and sent to me via

email by 10th April.

I need the dissertation to be of great quality. The assignments and various other notes I will be sending over were

written by myself throughout the course, could you please use as much of the

material that is relevant in the dissertation, to show that some of the

stuff used in the course was useful for the end dissertation, but of course

only if it is relevant. Also the dissertation needs to show a incredibly

vast amount of new research (stuff that hasn?t been used in the course

before and new material), eg journals.. I would like a lot of quotations

from journals, not sure exactly how many but I will be sending over examples

of previous dissertations of similar quality, so that you get an idea. The

dissertation will have to include citations from everything used from

journals and books to websites etc.. I understand that you have confirmed

that each sentence is going to be totally unique but I would also appreciate

it if you did not use any sources from the universities in the Sheffield

area of the UK, eg. Sheffield hallam university or Sheffield university.

The attachment I have sent are just rough notes, from which I hope you will

be able to build up a bigger picture of the situation and project. In the

notes there are no relevant theories or anything of that nature, these are

just basic notes of my consulting experience at IMS. Also they are not

written in a proper order, and they are not written in a way that is

anywhere near the type of English and grammatical form that I will require

and wish to convey in my dissertation, that you yourselves will be writing.

But I hope my class notes and other essays e in handy. I hope you will be

able to develop an excellent dissertation from everything I provide you.


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Title: Marketing and Economics agricultural

Total Pages: 68 Words: 18779 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Experienced Dissertation Writers Only!!!

The title for this dissertation is "A Country - Specific Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) Model for the Agricultural Sector ---- A Case Study of Zimbabwe". The researhc seeks to investigate the impact/effects of the structural adjustment programmes on the agricultural production and marketing of sub - Saharan African countries and looking specifically on Zimbabwe. Research objectives: 1. to critically analyse literature on donor community ESAP models specifically relating to agricultural operations in Sub - Saharan Africa and to Zimbabwe in particular. 2. to undertake a comprehensive review and evaluation in order to assess the strategic and operational results of ESAP models described in(1) above and applied to Zimbabwe''s agricultural sector. 3. on the basis of the analysis in (2) to propose a more effecftive Zimbabwean - specific model (BETA model) for use in agricultural reform operations, and by extension of relevance to other African countries operating and experiencing similar agriculturla economics and marketing.
Citation style is going to be Harvard.
I have ordered to do chapter 2 of my thesis. This is to cover the literature review or search. I shall be ordering the other chapters (four in number) as we go along. I would like this and all subsequent chapters I will order to start with an introduction.The literature search should relate to agricultural production and marketing.Tables, charts, diagrams etc are required. Examples should be generous. The search should be divided into three sections as detailed below:
(a)International Monetary Fund (IMF)including the Monetary Model and the World Bank(WB). This to cover 29 pages.
i. give brief history of IMF
ii. when and why it was formed
iii. purposes
iv.finncial operations and loan condtions
v.overall lending
vi. political power and loan conditions.
vii. discuss the IMF Monetary Model and show the Model. as an example give values to the Model''s equations of two to three African countries.Why are developed and developing countries using the same Model when their playing fields are very different?
viii. membership
ix.Do the same for the World Bank.
x. Structural Adjustment :Origins and Underlying Forces.
xi.Broadening of Conditionality
xii.Technical Asistance.
xiii. The IMF/WB''s Perspective
Look at economic growth;controlling inflation; promoting the agriculturl sector. For each of these three look at :Macro-economic policy;structural policy;social policy;good governace and participatory development.
xiv.Why do structural adjustment programmes work in some sub - Saharan African countries and not in others?
Throught and where appropriate in your literature search give and quote views of organisations against structural adjustment programmes eg Oxfam. END OF IMF/WORLD BANK review.

b.Selected African countries(reason for this is to findout why there are successes and failures, when every country is given the same Model to work from).Summarise how the African countries managed structural adjustment programmes using the IMF Monetary Model. What did they use in the Model and what did they leave out and the consequence of doing so. Good/Successful countries =GHANA, UGANDA and COTE d''VOIRE. Bad/Failures = ZAMBIA,DEMOCRATIC. REPUBLIC of CONGO(ZAIRE).For these countries the literature review should cover: Pre and post - independence period; links of foreign aid and policy reforms; political economy/country background; economic performance; why was reform necessary( give facts and figures eg balance of payment defaults);history of the reform programmes and specific measures; results ie a.institutional --- public vs private sectors.(b). balance of payment results. (c)market liberalisation. (d) financial reforms eg removal of subsidies.
Give base stastics covering one year (latest). Measures for ESAP. Amounts received from the day reforms started and the repayments and defaults. The cost to the country concerned. The suffering if any experienced.

C.Zimbabwe (29 pages).Do the same as the six countries above. For Zimbabwe periods should be divide as follows:
1975 to 1980 pre independence
1981 to 1990 post independence
1991 to 2002 reforms and counter reforms.

During the above we do not mention the impact. This should come in later chapters

From the literature review give critical conclusions of agricultural based structural adjustment( 1000words).

Attached is my research design which was approved by my university.

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