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Title: Exodus

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Essay Instructions: "Exodus and Revolution", by Michael Walzer

Reading is one of the chief avenues for learning. Thus, achieving competence in the art of critical reading is a necessity for the educated person. The primary goal of critical evaluation is a fair and balanced review of a book's worth. It should help a person, who has not read the book, to gain a basic understanding of the essential content of the text and to recognize its strengths and weaknesses.

The review should fall in the range of 1200-1500 words.

A critical book review should encompass the following elements:

Full bibliographic citation. E.g., Frank Moore Cross. Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic: Essays in the History of Israelite Religion. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1973.

Biographical information about the author. Who is the author? What are her or his qualifications to write such a book? At minimum, glean information from the book jacket.

Summarize the content of the book. Do more than give chapter titles, sub-heading, etc. Succinctly state the thesis/purpose of the book and describe the development of the argument. This section will tend to be the longest in the review, but should comprise no more than 40-50% of the paper. Make sure that you save space for a substantive analysis (next category)

Analysis. This is the "meat" of your paper. How did the author do? Did she support her thesis? What are the strengths of the argument presented in the book? What are the weaknesses? Give evidence to support your assessment. You may find it beneficial to read other reviews of the book in scholarly journals. If you use such resources, list them on a bibliography page at the end of the review. Such book reviews are accessible through the library's restricted databases (ATLA).

Conclusion. Do you recommend this book? Why or why not. This should be more than "This is a good book; I recommend it." Present your final assessment for or against the book.

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Title: Exodus

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Essay Instructions: We will offer more for this one!!

Book report "Exodus The True Story Behind the Biblical Account"
By Ian Wilson

Special Reguirements

8 pages, double spaced, conforming to the Turabian style guide one page bibliography
Times New Roman

10 or 12 font

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Title: Cuban Exodus

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Essay Instructions: The final assignment gives you a chance to consider how one event from the 1960s has influenced your personal life, your career choice, and the global community.

Discuss how your own life would be different if one specific event of the 1960s had never occurred. (Had the Cuban exodus not occured I would not have been born because my mother met my father, from Cuba himself as well, in Miami, Florida after leaving Cuba during the freedom flights.)

How did that same event influence your course of study and your choice of career path? (I would not have had the same opportunity to study Nursing in Cuba at the same pay. I would have been assigned by the government what they wanted me to study and then upon graduation my salary would have been less that $18.00 a month; hardly enough to sustain a family, food or shelter in Cuba.)

Finally, how different would the world be if that same event had never occurred? (Without the Cuban exodus Miami, Florida would be very different, and so would different parts of the world, and aspects of society, etc.)

The total length of your paper should be 7 pages formatted in APA style. The first page is a title page. The seventh page is a reference page. Pages 2 through 6 are text. You should have a total of four references, at least one of which should be outside of the course materials. Please use only academic resources. Also, remember to use Times New Roman 12 font, set margins to one inch, and double space your paper.

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Title: Exodus 1 14

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Essay Instructions: Week Two: Essay on a Historical Narrative
Read Exodus 1-14. Write an essay with the following elements:

• An indication of the settings (temporal, physical, cultural) of the narrative
• An indication of the main conflicts driving the plot and the extent to which
those conflicts are resolved at the end of the narrative
• An analysis of the main characters in the narrative in terms of their
function, indicating the protagonist, proponents, antagonists, and foils in
the narrative. (Which of these characters do you most identify with and
• Commentary on the point of the narrative (What does the author seem to
be most interested in? What are the main themes of the narrative?)
• Some reflection on how this narrative passage has an impact on you

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