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Title: Exegesis of Matthew 7 21 23

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Essay Instructions: Exegesis: Students must complete an exegesis of a passage from the New Testament. Exegesis means to expound upon a text, to unpack a text of its many meanings. Elements of various type of criticism will be employed to develop further one’s ability to interpret the Bible. Please respond to the following items as you exegete the assigned passages from the Bible.
A draft of the exegesis is due in Module 4 with the final paper due in Module 6. This paper should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words in length. Please use MLA format. The draft is worth 6% of the course grade and is due in Module 4; the final paper is worth 20% of the course grade and is due in Module 6.
Follow the outline below and answer the questions in each section using recommended sources. Keep the outline headings below as the subheadings of your exegesis.
a. Literary Criticism
1) Context: What follows and precedes your passage? Are your pages affected by this context?
2) Form Criticism: What is the literary form of your passage? Are there other places in the Bible (or related text) where this form is used and which help to interpret this passage?
3) Structure: Do you detect any particular structural pattern? (e.g., parallelism within your assigned book of the Bible). Describe the parts of your passage.
4) Redaction Criticism: Has your passage come through an editorial process? What changes have been made? Explain why certain changes have been made?
5) Key Words: What are the theologically important words in the passage? Do these words evoke any other parts of the Bible? Are these words used in a new way by the author of this passage? What do these words mean?
b. Theological Analysis
1) What does this passage say about the relationship with God?
2) What questions might this passage have addressed in the community for which it was originally written?
Some of the ideas above are adopted from A Guide to Biblical Exegesis by G. Landes and W. Wink.
Document your exegesis carefully. Include sections of the assignment outline as subheadings for your paper. Be sure to use some material from the course bibliography for your exegesis, especially the Biblical Reference Books ( A Voyage Through the New Testament, by Catherine Cory, and Portraits of Jesus, by Robert Imperato).

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Title: Exegesis on Job

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Essay Instructions: Exegesis paper on Job using outline of sermon included and any of the resources provided including one other resource.

Sermon Outline for Job
I. Introduction
a. Getting to know Job?s wife
i. She was married to a good and godly man
ii. She had borne him 10 children
iii. She is much maligned
b. Let us not judge her to harshly
i. She is known for telling Job to ?Curse God and die.?
ii. What she said was not good
iii. Consider her suffering along with her husband
iv. This is the reaction of a depressed woman
v. What she said was not like her
c. Job?s understanding answer: ?As one of the Foolish Women?
II. Body
a. It is foolish to claim any excuse for not being faithful
i. ?Dost thou still retain thine integrity??
ii. She thought Job had good reason to rebel
1. His property, children and wealth were gone
2. His health was gone
iii. Job proved he did not serve God for gain
iv. Our greater responsibility in view of Christ?s suffering
1. Can my sacrifice compare to His?
2. Can my persecution compare to His?
b. It is foolish to think that God has no further use for us
i. The call to end it all
ii. What?s the use?
iii. Despair and depression are Satan?s tools
iv. God wants to use you for His glory
v. Do you think yourself too tired? Too shy? Too old?
vi. God used suffering Job as an example of patience
vii. His faith still challenges suffering people
c. It is foolish to forget the goodness of God when trouble comes
i. Job?s wise reply (v. 10)
ii. No passing pain can compare to His goodness
iii. How good He has been to us
1. His love, providing salvation
2. His daily provision and protection
3. His promises for the future
iv. Never question in the dark what God gave you in the light
III. Conclusion
a. The Devil will tempt with foolish questions
i. He will try to drive us to foolish conclusions
ii. He will urge us to foolish actions
b. Remember who you are
i. Job knew he had a living Redeemer (19:25)
ii. He knew the future was bright in spite of his suffering
We can rest our future in the wounded hands of Christ

Dhorme, E. A Commentary on the Book of Job. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers,
Good, Edwin M. In Turns of Tempest A reading of Job with a Translation. Stanford:
Stanford University Press, 1990.
Newsom, Carol A. The Book of Job, A Contest of Moral Imaginations. Oxford, Oxford
Press, 2003.
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Title: Romans 4 1 25

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1186 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: “Exegesis” (literally, “to draw out”) means to expound upon a text, to unpack a text of its many meanings. Thus the student will chose a New Testament passage from the following list and write an analysis of the text in order to: (1) discover and present what the passage meant to its original hearers in its original context; and (b) interpret this original meaning theologically and practically for the reader today. In doing so the student will consider the historical, religious, social, and cultural background in which the text was written, as well as the genre, structure, content and intent of the particular New Testament book in which the passage is contained. The student will also attempt to employ hermeneutical (interpretative) principles in so far as they are covered in class. The online course contains resources under the following headings for your convenience in the Study Tools section: Research & Paper Writing, Bibliographies, and Articles & Essays.

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Title: Homosexuality

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2578 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Exegesis Paper, Focus of this paper is to gain an understanding of what the Bible says about homosexuality. Pick a Bible verse and go off of that. this is not an application paper. This should be strictly biblical. I would prefer the paper to take a stance on homosexual relationships are ok when they loving relationships and not lustful or raping relationships if possible. Some sorces that might be of some help, Word Biblical comentary, Tyndale commentaries, NICOT?NICNT, New Interpreters Bible, Ancor Bible, Old testement library, new testament library, evenangelicals concerned~ website, epositors. Journal articals can be used. the internet is not encouraged for the most part. Use exegetical commentaries, also look to see what non evengelicals have to say. Try to use books that would be found in this library you can search them without a user name or password but you cant read the books on here.
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