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Title: Instructional Designs I for Exceptional Children

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Essay Instructions: This is a Portfolio Narrative, written to convey ten
of field work as a teacher of special ed students in an inclusion setting.
work should be written as a college freshman-soph. level.
I have been teaching at a private school for a decade. This is an essay to
college-level credit for my experience and knowledge learned while working
the field.
Two citations from a related text must be in the body and one citation
from a
current journal.

Report guidelines:
Students must convey they have learned lesson planning, questioning skills,
cooperative learning techniques, and ways of differentiating instruction.
Emphasis will be placed on strategies for teaching exceptional children in
regular classroom and resource room. They will also experience discovery
learning or constructivism. Adhering to State Curriculum Standards will be
emphasized, non-specific to any one state. Techniques for including art,
and technology in their teaching will be outlined.
DESIGNING LESSON PLANS is the focus, techniques must also be covered!
This must be written from your experiences as an educator in the classroom.
not write from textbook examples only. Remeber that this is a portfolio
narrative of your EXPERIENCE! Write about your learning from other
teachers, as
mentors in an on-the-job setting.

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Title: Teaching writing to exceptional children

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Essay Instructions: Please write a paper on "Teaching writing to Exceptional Children. I will fax the articles you need to write the paper in the morning. My class is Thursday night so I'm worried. APA format and a few quotations. Just take the information from the article and write about how the researchers say is the best way to teach writing to exceptional children.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: CEC Website Review

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Essay Instructions: 1. Click onto this website: It is for the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). This organization is the primary national organization for special education.

2. Navigate around the website. There is a lot of information on the website. Some is restricted to Members Only and it will be marked with a red M. Anything else you can get into and look at.

3. Look at the top of the screen for "Special Ed Topics." Look at each of the 3 different areas listed, "International Special Education," "Hot Topics," and "Exceptional Learners." For each area, write the following:

1. a summary of the types of information found under that area heading, Do NOT choose one article/link from each area and write an article summary. You are looking at the types of information available under the headings you choose from within the Teaching and Learning Center. Your writeup should be about the section, not an individual source or article found within that section.

2. 3 things you learned from that area. You should click onto the links or other resources listed for at least one of the subtopics within each area. This should be more specific. Your actual answer in this section should be detailed.

3. and how one would use that area as a teacher of children, grades 1-12. Be sure to give specific examples of how one would use each area as a teacher, not how other people or teachers in general would use the information.

4. Find one other part of the website (not the "Special Ed Topics " section which looks interesting and write a brief summary about what that area provides, 3 things you learned from this section, and how you might use it as a teacher of children, grades 1-12. Be sure to give specific examples of how one would use that area as a teacher. Give the complete title and exact part of the website you are viewing (url address).

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Title: Rights of Disabled Children

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Essay Instructions: include, but not limited to, the following articles from ERIC Digests database(
e456 -- Educating Exceptional Children
e629 -- The Least Restrictive Environment Mandate:
e606 -- An Overview of ADA, IDEA, and Section 504
e600 -- Creating Useful IEPs
e576 -- An Overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Act
e560 -- IDEA's Definition of Disabilities

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