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Title: Statistical analysis with regression

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1411 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Excel file needed has bene uploaded.

Using a software compatible with excel such as KADD run the following regression using a forward stepwise approach selecting output of each step not just the final model. If needed I can provide KADD. The auto data will be emailed in excel format.

Regression Modeling Assignment

Use the data file AUTO.XLS. The spreadsheet contains quarterly data starting with the first quarter of 1980 and ending with the fourth quarter of 2004. There are 11 different series, each containing 60 different observations (15 years of quarterly data). The variables are defined as follows (in the order that they appear in the file):

1. Unit sales of automobiles. SAAR in millions of cars.
2. Personal Income less transfer payments. SAAR in billions of $.
3. Index of consumer sentiment. 1980 Q1 = 100.
4. Unemployment rate. Percent.
5. Index of cost of car ownership. 1987 = 1.0.
6. Average miles per gallon of current model year cars.
7. Indicator variable for UAW strikes. 1=strike.
8. Stock of cars depreciation rate.
9. Index of average price of a new car.
10. Stock of cars. Millions.
11. Finance rate on automobile loans. Percent.


1. Build a multiple regression model(s) for the unit sales of automobiles variable. The model(s) are to be used for forecasting auto sales and to gain insights about variable relationships.

2. Write a page that explains how you arrived at your models and its (their) strengths and weaknesses.

Include an interpretation of the regression coefficients and estimations and interpretations of elasticity coefficient for each variable in the relationship specification.

3. Develop forecasts and confidence intervals for the dependent variable using your forecast version. If you can't get actual independent variable values forecast them with a time trend (or similar method) model.

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Title: Help Desk Models

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4085 Works Cited: 20 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: EXCEL FILE IS UPLOADED:
Rubric for more explicit information to guide you in developing the proposal

My initial problem is looking at a Help Desk for a fake company that only uses a web portal to allow users to submit trouble tickets. I need to research Help Desk models to compare to this fake model to see if phone support and other services should be added or whatever the research shows.

The following list is a summary of what must be included:

Use the latest APA style.

1. Business (applied) or Research (thesis) (give your purpose) (10 points)

2. Problem definition with research questions/hypotheses (50 points)

3. Literature review/appropriate background with primary and secondary data, theoretical basis for your proposed research project (40 points)

4. Proposed research method with rationale (50 points)

5. Data collection methods with rationale, including population, sampling (50 points)

6. Ethical method description (20 points)

7. Describe quantitative (statistical) or Qualitative or Mixed methods of analysis with rationale (40 points)

8. Validation and/or verification methods proposed, with rationale (20 points)

9. Method of communicating report results with rationale (10 points)

10. Bibliography (10 points)

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Title: Excel SPreadsheet

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Essay Instructions: BITS 211 – Microcomputer Apps Spreadsheets

Comprehensive Course Project

This Project satisfies the following objectives:


Dynamic Leadership – reasoning and problem solving
Professional Excellence – computer proficiency, information literacy, and mathematical literacy

Course Learning Outcomes

1. to plan, create, and format an Excel spreadsheet to solve a business application
2. to create formulas manually and with the formula function
3. to create and format a variety of charts and their components
4. to apply special spreadsheet commands such as sorting, filtering, linking workbooks, pivot tables, and lookup functions
5. to analyze spreadsheet data through solver, goal seek, data tables, and scenario manager

Grade Determination

This artifact represents 15% of the course grade.

Project Specifications

Project Scenario

The student is to plan, create, and manipulate a spreadsheet workbook for a unique business application which they are to create. Possible spreadsheet applications include a grade book, a warehouse inventory, or a small business budget. The student may use a real application, such as a budget for their own business, provided the spreadsheet is newly created. All applications must be approved by the instructor to ensure they are in-depth enough to meet the project specifications listed below.

Project Specifications

The project is to include:

? a documentation sheet stating the spreadsheet purpose, type of data, calculations required, and the cell reference to identify the location of each formula requested in this artifact as well as all required elements listed in the specifications.
? two worksheets with related data and formatting to enhance the appearance
? a comprehensive compilation of data to be approved by the instructor (i.e. 25 students in a class with at least three grade components each with five scores plus an attendance worksheet, or an inventory of 25 products with at least five columns of data plus an order worksheet, or an annual budget of 15 categories plus an income statement worksheet)
? four formulas or functions (including one IF statement)
? two types of charts attractively formatted to show logical comparisons
? a filtered list
? a lookup table (with corresponding lookup function)
? data validation with a corresponding error message
? two of the five following items:
o a pivot table
o a one variable data table
o one goal-seek application
o solver
o scenario manager

Required Items

The electronic file, containing all above specifications, must be submitted for assessment purposes as it is the best way to confirm accurate formulas.


Points are awarded for accuracy, creativity, logical approach, and adherence to instructions. One point is deducted for each incomplete, inaccurate, or illogical entry. The project is scored on the following point values:

Item Total Points
Documentation sheet 10
Worksheet data and formatting 10
Formulas & functions 10
Filtered list 5
Charts (5 pts each) 10
Lookup table and lookup function 10
Data validation and error message 10
Two of the following: [10 pts each] 20
Pivot table
One variable data table
Scenario manager
Project Proposal/Written Assignment 65
Total 150

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Title: FoxPro Versus Excel

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1251 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Answer the following question: As a business manager do you think it would be worth the time and cost to purchase FoxPro and train your staff in the use of this software, or do you think Excel is adequate for most database needs.

FoxPro looks Familiar. Andy Feibus,Informationweek, Manhasset: Sep 14, 1998., Iss.700; pg 374, 3pgs

Please include Bibilography page.

Excerpt From Essay:

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