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Title: Evidence Based Practice Paper on Polypharmacy

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Essay Instructions: Evidence Based Practice: Identify a problem, issue or concern that you have observed in clinicial procatice: Use the PICO format: Ask the clinical question. Think about a problem or area of interest that is time consuming, costly or not logical. Use knowledge or problem focused triggers to think ciritcally.
1. P = Patient population of interest
2. I = Intervention or topic of interest
3. C = Comparison that will be conducted. What is done now in current practice, what is the suggestion?
4. O = Outcome, What result do you wish to achieve or observe as a result of an intervention?

Collect best evidence related to topic:
1. List the main topics fro your question that you used to search
2. What sources/databases did you use for your search? Agencies, policy and procedure manuals, QI data, clinical practice guidlines, literature databases (AHRQ, CINAHL, MEDLINE etc.)
3. Cochrance databases, National Guidelines Clearinghouse.
4. Describe which evidenced based practice model you find most useful for this topic if any.

Critique the evidence.
1. Evaluate the clinical applicability and the scientific merit
2. Review the abstract and intro, don't let the numbers and statistics scare you away; this part should clue you whether the topic applies to your PICO question.
3. Literature review may lead you to helpful references
4. Do the articles offer evidence to explain or answer the PICO question?
5. Do the articles show support for the reliability and validity of the evidence?
6. Can you use the evidence in practice?
7. Methodology: how was the study organized and conducted? RCT, case control, qualitative, meta analysis?
8. Explain the findings or summarize the finding and its usefulness or not to clinical practice.

use the following articles:
1. Polypharmacy: is it a risk that will cost dearly? Author Maria Anguita. Nurse Prescribing 2011 Vol 9 No 12.
2. Polypharmacy Status as an Indicator of Mortality in an Elderly Population. Authors; Johanna Jykka, Hannes Enlund, Maarit J. Korhonen, Raimo Sulkava, and Sirpa Hartikainen. Found in Drugs Aging 2009: 26(12) 1039-1048
3. Polypharmacy in the Elderly - Can Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Reduce Inappropriate Medication Use? Authors: Giuseppe Sergi, Marina De Rui, Silvia Sarti and Enzo Manzato. Found in Drugs Aging 2011: 28(7) 509-518

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Title: The lived experience of nurses with medication

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Essay Instructions: Evidence Based Practice Literature Review
Purpose: In this exercise, you will gain the experience of conducting a mini literature review on a selected topic. The review of literature begins with an introduction, includes a presentation of relevant studies representing empirical literature, and concludes with a summary of current knowledge.

The goals of this project are to:
A. Assist you in understanding the basic process of conducting a literature review.
B. Assist you in understanding the beginning process of conducting an evidence-based practice review.
C. Provide you with the beginnings of scientifically based knowledge on a selected procedure.
Steps of the process:
D. Select a topic with your instructor's approval.
E. Conduct a search using the various electronic databases. Limit the search to the past 5 years.
F. Review abstracts. Pull off or print five appropriate research-based articles. A minimum of 3 articles must be research and the other articles must come from a peer reviewed nursing source.
G. Review each article critically using the guidelines provided in Chapter 5 of your text.
H. Provide an integrated summary of the information obtained from the literature search. An integrated review should identify, analyze, and synthesize the results from independent studies to determine the current knowledge (what is known and not known) in a particular area
1. Include information related to the apparent reliability and validity of the data
2. The summary should be no more than 8 pages long and should be prepared in APA style
3. Use the following questions to guide your discussion:
Which article as developed the best research design?
Which article has the best sample size for the research problem?
Which article has the best and most accurate conclusions from the findings?
Which article has the best nursing interventions and how
do the other articles support these findings
**I will need copies of the articles that you used to send in with the essay abstracts are OK
****I do have some 3 articles I could email to you.

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Title: Evidence Based Practice: Critical Appraisal of an Article

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Essay Instructions: Include in the Presentation :

- Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of evidence based practice critically appraise and apply the principles of evidence based practice to a therapy practice issue (application, enquiry, analysis)

- Identify and make recommendation for practice based on the research evidence identified ( problem solving)

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Title: Evidence based practice

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1039 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need an research paper using evidence based practice concerning using the Heinrich Fall risk assessment on every patient and if this particular assessment tool works best to determine fall risks. I NEED a reference page. I am still confused on how to use the PICO format so I need you to write one also. Here are the instructions from my teacher:

1. Identify and formulate a practice or policy
question of relevance to your clinical are of
expertise using the four elements or PICO (T)
format. Student must include PICO (T) question.

2. In body of your paper, summarize the research in
2-3 pages (include level or strength of evidence)

3. Include the level or strength of evidence found to
support your question in the summary.

4. For conclusion, include a brief summary of why
and how this assignment may or may not benefit
your practice.

Follows APA format throughout (do not need to do abstract )
(2-3-pages maximum excluding title page and reference pages)
1 inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman with double spacing throughout
Utilize proper grammar, punctuation and spelling
Submit as a Microsoft word document to assignment page


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