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Essay Instructions: Discuss the author?s perception of death and the treatment of death in Everyman.

This play is probably the finest and best known of the morality plays of the Middle Ages that have come down to us. Consensus of critical opinion agrees that it is a translation from the Dutch made probably toward the end of the 15th century. Its popularity in England of that day is attested to by the fact that it was printed four different times early in the 16th century

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Title: Everyman

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Essay Instructions: Assume that you are in charge of a modern production of the play Everyman and that you have a generos budget to work with. Speculate on where you might stage the performance and what sort of actors you would require. What features of the play would you try to emphasize for a 21st century audience? Any special effects? be sure to discuss appropriate, perhaps symbolic costumes for some of the personifications and do not overlook any neccessary stage properties, but do not feel entirely dependent of these slight references.

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Title: Please choose a topic

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the way that "Everyman" presents ideas about religion and hypocrisy.
The story is written in "The Norton Anthology of World Literature" book. Vol. B. Page. 2119
I also want 2-3 direct quotations from the story.
Please choose a topic for the paper.
Please write as a college student write the paper which means use clear and simple words. need thesis statement, and a good structure.
Please no plagiarism, the paper will be checked in
Please write between 450-500

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Title: Peter Pan and Everyman

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast themes of loss in J.M. Barrie's play "Peter Pan" and the medieval play "The Moral Play of Everyman". "The Moral Play of Everyman" can be found in the book "Everyman and Medieval Miracle Plays" edited by A.C. Cawley. Show how both plays contain themes of loss, but also show how they convey the theme of loss differently.

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