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Essay Instructions: "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker
Write about the culture and how it impacts values and material objects. I hope to discover how much cultures really effect people and their lifestyle.
These six sources, you need to have at least one another ebook from Netlibrary.
The remaining sources may be public Internet sites; however, they must be valid and scholarly. Wikis, blogs, discussion boards, or sources in the style of Cliffs Notes will NOT count, although you can certainly use them to generate ideas.

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Title: english

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Essay Instructions: "Everyday Use"
1. Thinking and writing are connected activities. we think before we write and writing changes our thinking. While all kinds of pre-writing activities are useful, answering a series of questions before a literary analysis can be particular productive.

2. You wont necessarily write and essay on the story, but doing a prewriting process with it will be a useful exerice to develop the necessary critical thinking for literary analysis and argument. All questions must be answered.

1. What do you know know about the mother of the story?
2. When we have a first-person narrator, we have to decide if she is reliable or unreliable. Do you trust this narrator? why or why-not?
3. What assumptions does the narrator have about her daugthers? Do you agree? Why?
4. How would the story be different if it were told from Dee/Wangero's perspective?
5. Mama and Dee/Wangero have different ideas about personal development. What are they? What are the consequences of their differenences?
6. Based on your own answers to all of the above, offer your oponion of Mama's decision to give the quilt to maggie.
7. How does Walker define heritage?
8. What is walker purpose? What is the central problem she is addressing?
9. What is the theme of "everyday Use"

what to look for to answer each question.

For 1,2,4
"Points of View"
-Acknowledge existence of more than one point of view, but consider only one.
-More than one point of view is explained, including the point(s) of view of discipline
-More than one point of view is explained includuing the point(s) of view of the discipline. Points of view are evalutated for relevance to this particular assignment.

For 3
-states assumptions without analysis. Relies on questionable assumptions.
-Writing explicitily acknowledge the assumptions of the work, and grounds these assumptions in a lager context (e.g., culture, background, gender)
-Writing explicitly addresses the assumptions of the work and grounds these assumptions in a larger context (e.g. cultural background, gender). Includes in-depth analysis of the assumtions based on the discipline.

For 5
"Core values"
-Core value(s) implied but not specifically addressed in the writing>
-Core values are specificaly addressed with relevance stated but not integrated throughtout the critical thinking elements.
-Core values are specifically addressed with stated throughtout, and are integrated throughtout the critical thinking elements.

For 6
"Decision Making"
-The decision made is based only on some of the information presented.
-The decision made is based on culmination of most steps critical thinking and addressed the core values.
-The decision made is based on of all the steps to critical thinking and explicitly addresses the role of core values of the disciplane, as appropriate.

For 7
-Concepts are identified, but not clearly defined no attempt to elaborate/exemplify.
-Some concepts are clearly defined using elaboration/exemplification.
-all relevent concepts are clearly defined using elaboration/exemplification.

For 8
-Identification of purpose is vague and/ or does nt elaborate/Exemplify the purpose.
-Clearly identifies the purpose of the writing, with only limited elabotation/exemplification.
-Clearly identifies the purpose of the writing using elaboration/exemaplification and/ or the descipline (as appropriate)

For 9
"conclusions and interpreations"
-Conclusions and interpreations are stated, but are not linked to information and/or may be based on bias or prejudice.
-Conclusions are staed in recognition of information, assumptins, and conseqences.
-conclusions are stated in recognition of information, assumptions, and consequnces. Conclusions and interpretations are identified and distinctions are made between information and interpretations of information.

For 9

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Title: see description below

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Essay Instructions: Research the origins of a particular literacy work and examine the author biography for clues into the work's germination and development.

In this case please use ''Everyday use'' By Alice Walker, you could get this online...

I need a 2 pages or more of a annotated bibliography containing no less than five sources.

For example, internet,books,encyclopedia, ect....

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Title: Literature

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Essay Instructions: I will be faxing the story Everyday use,,approx 7-8 pages. Constrast Dee's attitude toward her hertiage with the attitudes of her mother and her sister
There are faxes for this order.

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