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Title: compare and contrast 2 stories listed in additional specifications

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Essay Instructions: This is what is asked from me for this research paper. (stories listed below).
Select 2 stories and obtain 6-8 articles on both, compare and contrast these 2 stories.
MLA citations- quotations, paraphrases, summaries
Discuss one story. Than discuss the other.
Conclude - with what you have learned while conducting your research, and discuss the key points of your research.

Stories: ( any two can be used)
"A Clean Well-Lighted Place" Ernest Hemmingway
"Eveline" James Joyce
"Araby" James Joyce
"The Necklace" Guy de Maupassant
"Rules of the Game" Amy Tan
"The Death of Ivan IIych" Count Leo Tolstoy
"The Sniper" Liam O'Flaherty
"The Lottery" Shirley Jackson
"Everyday Use" Alice Walker
"The Yellow Wallpaper" Charlotte Perkins-Gilman
"The Chrysanthemums" John Steinbeck

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

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Title: Literay Analysis

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Essay Instructions: The Story is "Eveline" by James Joyce. The paper needs three quotations. The paper needs to be focused on characters, setting, and plot and especially on what kind of theme it has. (Irony, Conflicts, simile, and metaphor)

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Eveline." James Joyce. Website retrieved on May 1, 2007. http://www.online-literature.com/james_joyce/959

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Title: Literature

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Essay Instructions: This paper needs to be a three page analysis of "Eveline" by James Joyce. It needs to incorporate the theme of the story, have a thesis statement and topic sentences.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Joyce, James. Dubliners. Harmondsworth, England: Penguin, 1967.

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Title: Eveline's settings

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Write a Critical and Analytical five paragraph essay (with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion) on the following topic: How does the setting of James Joyce?s ?Eveline? relate to Eveline?s decision to remain with her father? When thinking of setting, make sure to consider the surroundings, items in the house, etc. Include an outline.

In the first paragraph, please establish a clear thesis statement that will develop throughout the rest of the paper, followed by three topic sentences.

Each of the three body paragraphs needs a topic sentence (being a critical observation, which supports or relates to the thesis) with supporting sentences. Use plot details and quotes (at least 3) from the source to support or prove the critical generalization, but avoid plot summary at all costs. Use chronological order/logical order. Provide clear transitions between paragraphs. Use transitional words when needed. Use active voice, feel the words, attend to tone, and use formal language (avoid using ?I? and ?you?). Follow up with a conclusion that recaps the significance of my interpretation. Each of the three body paragraphs needs at least five sentences: one topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence recapping the paragraph.

Final paragraph should be a conclusion to the paper, summing up (but not repeating) what has already been demonstrated. The conclusion should offer a clear expression of how the discussion relates to the theme of the story. The last sentence needs to be an EMPHATIC statement crystallizing the meaning.

Included are some prewriting exercises I done to help understand my point of view
which I would like intertwined in the Sample Essay.

I also have included a copy of the short story w/page numbers for reference. It also has my notes on it that I would like intertwined in the Sample Essay. Do Not use outside reference materials.

Thank You

Assignment One: ?Prewriting Exercise,? pages 8-9

1. I sympathize with Eveline regarding the choices she had to make. Eveline is a young lady that wants to explore the world outside her family life. Yet, she is devoted to her family and loves them dearly. I believe Eveline made the right choice for her, because as the old adage states, ?better the devil you know than the devil you don?t?. She knows her father and for all she knows, ?Mr. Sailor Chaps? might be worse than her father.
?Eveline,? is a wonderful short story about a young lady that is contemplating whether to leave her family for this ?sailor chap? that she likes, or stay with her father. She has had a hard life and this guy seems really nice. She knows her father depends on her, but she?s tired of taking care of everyone and everything. Frank, the guy she?s been dating, seems to be kind and open-hearted. She wants to leave with Frank, and explore the world outside her family routine. I urge you to read the short story, ?Eveline,? to find out whether she leaves her father to discover a new life with Frank.
?Eveline,? is a heart stopping short story about a young lady lost in her mother?s dust. She can?t breathe for the decision she faces. She has to decide whether to run away with what seems to be a great man, or to stay with her abusive, drunk father who seems to be getting better in his old age. Eveline feels it?s time for a change in her life, just as all the other neighbors have done by leaving. She wants to see if life with out her father could possibly lead her to happiness. As she weighs her options, she looks around her home to see all the familiar objects in which she never imagined leaving behind. Then she remembers how her father had begun to threaten her. When she heard the street organ playing it brought her back to the night she made a promise to her mother, to keep the family together. Followed by the harsh words of her father to the organ player quickly came to mind. She knew she must escape if she wanted any chance of having her own life. Finally when she goes to the docks, to leave with Frank, she asks God for help with her decision. Little did she know, her answer was in her question, ?She prayed to God to direct her, to show her what was her duty? (6). Her duty was to keep her promise to her mother and keep the family together. Ultimately she left the decision to God. She then felt Frank seize her hand, and she thought God was telling her, he would drown her.
I believe the brief summary was easier to write, because I did not make an interpretation of the meaning, I just summarized the plot.
I used the purpose of informing my reader of the plot in my brief summary. I used the purpose of express, persuade, entertain, and informing my reader in the second summary. This is to get my reader to view my interpretation of the story.

Assignment One: ?Prewriting Exercise,? pages 8-9

3. In my opinion, I?m not sure if changing the ending would make the story more positive. However, changing the ending might make the story more romantic.
Changing the ending would not make it consistent with the earlier parts of the story. Eveline has a strong Christian background, and leaving her father for a guy she barely knows would not be very ?Christian like?. To break a promise to her dead mother would be some what ?devilish?. She would be frowned upon for leaving her aging father to fend for himself, after depending on her for so long. If Eveline was not raised as a Christian, to put God and family first, I?m sure she would have left her father to be with Frank.
Both endings would be true to human experience, because so many families have different values and beliefs.
4. Dear Harry,
I hope this letter finds you in great-spirit. Well Harry, as you know father is in a bad way. He still gets drunk often and is threatening me. With you gone, I have no one to protect me. Just like the Devines, the Waters, and even little cripple Keogh have left the neighborhood, you have too. Everyone seems to be changing their life and I need to find happiness too. Harry, I know father depends on me to be here and take care of him, but tonight I leave for Buenos Ayres with Frank. Frank is a loving sailor man that treats me great and wants to fill my life with happiness. I really appreciate you sending up money to help us out. It definitely went to good use every time. It is like pulling teeth to get father to give up any of his money for bills and supplies. When he does give me a little money, he makes me feel bad. I am tired; I need to explore a fresh new life with Frank. Harry, please forgive me for leaving father. I want to become my own person like you have done. We all have to grow up and move on with our lives. It is now my time Harry, please be happy for me and don?t get mad. I will write to you when I get to Buenos Ayres with Frank.
I Love You,

Eveline has used the purpose of informing her brother on how bad it has gotten since he?s left. She has also used the purpose of expressing herself to him, so he won?t be mad. She has even used the purpose of persuading her brother to forgive her for leaving their aging father.

Assignment One: ?Self-Questioning Exercise,? page 10

1. Eveline?s home life is very demanding. Eveline has many responsibilities at home with keeping up the house, shopping, cooking, and answering to her
drunk father.
2. Eveline feels life with Frank would be new, joyous, loving, and well rounded.
3. I think this expectation is realistic for a young girl that deeply needs a change in her life.
4. I feel the word dust is mentioned so often, because it?s how she feels about what her mother left her, nothing but dust.
5. A few of the items mentioned in Eveline?s home was a dusty cretonne, yellowing photograph, harmonium, coloured print, and a black leather purse.
6. Eveline is nineteen, which is important because that is the time most young ladies decide to leave their parents home.
7. Eveline?s Father is a controlling person the thinks about himself a lot. He was in a ?bad way?, means he was drunk on Saturday nights.
8. Eveline loved her father, yet was scared of him.
9. Eveline?s mother seems to be a timid lady that was easily pushed around and told what to do.
10. Eveline feels she must keep her promise to her mother due to loyalty to the family. She also feels like she left her in a bunch of her old ?dust?, her old life.
11. Eveline?s mother kept saying that because she was worn down, every time she would get happy her husband would push her around.
12. Eveline?s father wanted her to believe he knew those types of guys so she would stay away from them. He knew he couldn?t keep her under his control if she fell in love with some guy that could possible sweep her off to another country.
13. Frank is a sailor that travels a lot and seems to be loving and manly. Eveline really doesn?t know Frank that well.
14. It?s hard to tell whether Eveline has romanticized Frank. Her father?s objection to Frank was justified for him keeping control.
15. Eveline made a promise to her mother that she would keep the family together. Her duty to her father was to stay there and take care of him and the house.
16. She is confused on her duty to herself. She thought she deserved happiness, but then she realized that this sailor guy might not be so much better. Once he had her off to himself he might start acting worse than her father.
17. She is sad about leaving her brother, but since he already left the house it didn?t seem like that big of deal.
18. Eveline is like a helpless animal, because she is afraid of leaving the nest just to find out other guys might be like her father.
19. I think that Frank felt maybe he didn?t convince Eveline enough to trust him to make her happy.
20. I feel Eveline made the right decision for her, because her father seemed to be getting better. She also made a promise to her mother, which was hard to break given her religion.

Finally I will send an e-mail with the short story of "Eveline," that has my notes on it.
Thank You,

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