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Title: Please provide references links excluding text end essay What European financial crisis a nutshell 190 200 words Who responsible crisis a In financial sector 100 110 words b In government sector 100 110 words What recommendations fix 90 100 words

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Essay Instructions: Please provide three references with links (excluding the text), which should be placed at the end of the essay

What are the causes of the European financial crisis in a nutshell? (190-200 words)

Who is responsible for the crisis, and why?
a. In the financial sector (100-110 words)
b. In the government sector (100-110 words)

What are your recommendations to fix it? (90-100 words)

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Reference list:

1. Noord, P. (2009). Economic Crisis in Europe: Cause, Consequences, and Responses: A Report by the European Commission. Retrieved September 6, 2012 from

2. Eurozone Crisis Explained (2012). BBC. Retrieved September 6, 2012 from

3. Cendrowicz, L. (2010). What Caused the Euro Crisis? Retrieved September 6, 2012 from,8599,1968308,00.html.

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