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Essay Instructions: Europe has a cold, rainy climate that shapes its geography and lifestyle. This has undoubtedly affected the European history, mentality and achievements. Imagine that this continent has a hot, dry climate. Talk about Europe in particular and the whole world in general while taking this climatic difference into consideration. Make sure that you write reasonable points which you can support with logic. Remember: this is not a story.

Its a creative writing and I need it written on a 10th grader's level.
You can write in the form of an essay.


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Essay Instructions: "Europe is still suffering from a significant dependency on energy imports. Show, by discussing and relying on your understanding of Europe's energy policy for gas and the Union?s legal powers in the field of energy, whether Europe has been progressing since 2007 in order to enhance the Union's energy security."

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Essay Instructions: The discussion of Europe has placed great emphasis upon European development. Compose a coherent essay in which you discuss the stages of european development beginning with the stage of feudalism and carrying through to the contemporary stage of globalization and neoliberalism, with its primary achievement, the European Union.
For Each stage-feudalism,contempoary stage of globalization and neoliberalism, European Union
1-the major characteristics and structures associated with the stage
2-what is most significant about the stage?
3-how did European development advance during the stage?

cinclude the essay with a brief explanation of if/why you feel that Europe and its development should be the first region addressed in a World Regional Geography course.

Book World Regional Geography 10th edition by johnson haarmann johnson clawson as one cite

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Essay Instructions: Here is the topic:

Can we compare the historical emergence of ethnicities and nation-states in Europe and
in Africa?

Please use MLA format. I do not need a bibliography, since I can do that myself, but out of the 5 files I provided I need you to cite a minimum of 3. Please make sure that when paraphrasing or quoting a text to be very clear as to which one you used. Please cite correctly (name of author and page numbers in parenthesis) directly after quote.

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