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Title: ethnocentrism

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Essay Instructions: this discussion only needs to be 2 paragraphs NO MORE

Ethnocentrism is generally defined as viewing one's own culture as superior to all others. However, quite often, it is not quite that obvious. Whenever we encounter something that seems strange or different, we will feel some degree of discomfort. How we respond to that feeling is a gauge of how ethnocentric we are about it. Let's suppose that you are entertaining a business client from France. You take him to a very fine restaurant where he looks over the menu very carefully, then asks the waiter if he or she, by chance, has cheval available. The waiter shakes his head and explains that it is not served in American restaurants. Your client becomes somewhat upset and tells you that a truly fine restaurant would serve "proper" cuisine, and that he was very disappointed with American hospitality so far. He eventually settles for the prime rib, but is ill-tempered for the rest of the evening. The next morning, he leaves for France without consummating the expected business deal. Your boss asks you what happened, and you explain that the client was upset because the restaurant didn't serve something called cheval. Your boss's eyes pop and he yells, "You mean he actually ordered horsemeat?"

How much ethnocentrism is at work? Discuss what and how a better understanding of cultural differences in food preferences by all parties could have prevented the unfortunate incident. What was your response to learning that the client wanted horsemeat? What was your response to his anger that he couldn't get it

Please read the above scenario and discuss how much ethnocentrism is comes into play and how a better understanding of cultural differences in food preparation might have helped prevent this incident. How did you feel when you read that the client wanted horse meat and did you understand his anger when he could not get it?

After responding to the Main Discussion please discuss whether or not ethnocentrism is always a "bad" thing? What about patriotism? Isn't that a form of ethnocentrism?

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Sing-Toomey, S. (1994). Managing intercultural conflicts effectively. Intercultural Communication. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from

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Title: Ethonocentrism

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Essay Instructions: write and submit a short (two??"three pgs.) essay discussing how race/ethnicity and gender impact our day-to-day assumptions about others. Try to incorporate how ethnocentrism interferes with understanding differences between people of different cultures, races and/or ethnicities, and gender.

To get full credit, you must write at least 200 words on the topic. You must include:

1) an introduction, in which you will identify the topic you are writing about, why the topic is anthropologically important, what your conclusions are, and how you came to your conclusions;

2) the main text of the essay, in which you will describe the issue in an anthropological context and provide the crux of your information on the topic; and

3) a conclusion, in which you will restate your thesis, your reasons behind your viewpoint, and explain why it should be accepted by the reader.

All essays must be referenced and all sources must be properly cited. A separate reference page must be included, and the word count of the references does not count toward the essay requirements. You may use any referencing style you wish, but it must be done so consistently. Part of your grade will include proper grammar and spelling. Be sure to do a spell-check and proofread your work before submission.

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Works Cited:


Eisenstein, Z.R. (2004). Against Empire: Feminism, Racism, and the West. Zed Books.

Mies, M. (1998). Patriarchy and Accumulation on the World Scale: Women in the International Division of Labour.

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Title: Outline using examples the anthropological concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism

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Essay Instructions: Outline, using examples, the anthropological concepts of 'ethnocentrism' and 'cultural relativism'.

If possible please could you cited or quote once from one of these books thanks

Carrithers, M (1992) ?Why humans have cultures: Explaining anthropology and social diversity.? Oxford University Press.

Just, P. & Monaghan, J. (2000). ?Social and cultural anthropology: A very short introduction.? Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Geertz, C (1973) The interpretation of cultures, p.73. New York, Basic Books.

Haviland, W.A. (2002). ?Cultural Anthropology, 10th ed.? Wadsworth, Harcourt Brace.

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Bibliography [[Accessed 8 May 2005].

Barger K. (2004) [Internet] Available at[Accessed 7 May 2005].

Ethnocentrism [Internet] Available at[Accessed 8 May 2005].

Geertz, C. (1973). The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays. New York: Basic Books.

Monaghan, J., & Just, P. (2000). Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Windschuttle, K. (2002, October). The Ethnocentrism of Clifford Geertz. New Criterion, 21, 5+.

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Title: Sex Lives of Cannibals Review

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Essay Instructions: The Sex Lives of cannibals: Adrift in the equatorial pacific is a nonfiction account of an American man and his girlfriend who travel to Tarawa, an atoll apart of the Kiribati Republic. The main point of this assignment is to synthesize the narrative with the material found in the textbook and other outside sources. At least five outside sources(this can include the Neuliep text or the troost book) must be referenced. You will pick out a theme in the book and write a paper that synthesizes research on your theme ( using your text and outside sources) with the troost book. There must also be a section that describes how the United States is influencing this pacific culture, and how the United States is unable to influence this culture. References can include academic articles, reference textbooks, quality web-sites (Wikipedia is not a quality website; dictionary is too generic to be useful).

1) clear introduction & conclusion. This should be purposeful & relevant. The intro should have a thesis statement. The conclusion should adequately summarize the paper.

2) Summary of the book. This should be a brief overview of the book, requiring no more than one page to sufficiently describe. This should include major plot points, particularly those that focus on communication, and characters.

3) intercultural theme. You must pick a concept from the text that has been covered (e.g, ethnocentrism, acculturation, power distance) this should be a large concept that you can fully explore. Using the text and outside sources, describe how this theme applies to the troost book. Provide examples from the book and synthesize the information from all the sources as much as possible. This is the largest part of the paper and the emphasis should appear here. This is where the majority of the sources should be used.

4) United States influence. The final section of the paper needs to explain hothe US is influencing the culture of the Kiribati people and how the US is unable to influence their culture. The focus should be on communication aspects; however, other influences may be mentioned. Specific examples should be used from the troost book to aid your explanation (pop culture, environment, education, politics, religion) The key here is depth, not breadth, so select one or two major categories here. If need be, you may also use reference materials to support the ways in which this influence occurs. This part will require thinking you. There isn't necessarily a section of the book devoted to this topic, but the main idea is referenced throughout the story.

This is a formal, research paper, as such the writing should be in the third person, not ("I") or ("you").

This paper will be graded through the Turnitin document viewer to check for plagiarism. So please avoid plagarizing.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bizumic, B., & Duckitt, J. (2012). What Is and Is Not Ethnocentrism? A Conceptual

Analysis and Political Implications. Political Psychology, 33(6), 887-909.


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Valentino, N.A., Brader, T., & Jardina, A.E. (2013). Immigration Opposition Among

U.S. Whites: General Ethnocentrism or Media Priming of Attitudes About

Latinos?. Political Psychology, 34(2), 149-166. doi:10.1111/j.1467-


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