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Title: companys attitude toward social responsibility

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Essay Instructions: Ethical Issues in Business - The graduate can determine ethical and socially responsible courses of action in a given business situation.

Objective: Evaluate a given situation to determine a company’s attitude toward social responsibility.

Many believe that business entities should have an ethical duty to be socially responsible, to work towards increasing its positive effects on society while decreasing its negative effects. Many organizations look for opportunities to be socially responsible while also creating shareholder wealth.


Company Q is a small local grocery store chain located in a major metropolitan area. They have recently closed a couple of stores in higher-crime-rate areas of the city, reportedly because these two stores were consistently losing money. After years of requests from customers, all of their stores have started offering a very limited amount of health-conscience and organic products??"all of which were high margin items. When asked by the area’s food bank for donation of day-old products, management declined deciding instead to throw the food away, citing worries over lost revenues due to possible fraud and stealing by employees who might say they are donating the food.

Write a brief essay (suggested length of 2??"3 pages) in which you:

A. Evaluate Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility.
1. Recommend three areas that could be improved regarding the company’s attitude toward social responsibility.

B. If you choose to use outside sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format. Please include the works cited page.

Note: Please save word-processing documents as *.rtf (Rich Text Format) files.

Note: When using outside sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or paraphrased in the text of the paper or project.

Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from outside sources, even if cited correctly.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Ethics in Statistics

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1261 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a paper of 1,000-1,500 words that considers ethical issues in business statistics. Please include a brief introduction that outlines the paper. Please use the following articles when drafting this paper.
In the Reflection Before Action: The Statistical Consultant Confronts Ethical Issues article, the authors cite the American Statistical Association's Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice (see the section "Ethics Provides A Defensible Response" in the article).
1. Which ethical guideline from the articles is most applicable and why? How does this article affect decision-making as related to statistics and ethics?
2. How can the ethical issues raised, be addressed from a Christian worldview? In other words, what guidance, using principles from a Christian worldview perspective, could be applied to understand and address these ethical issues?
Please provide a conclusion that summarizes the paper.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

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Title: Ethical Issues in Business related to computer and information technology

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1450 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic: Ethical Issues in Business related to computer and information technology.
-What are they and what is their effect?

-cite direct qoutes
-Works cited page
-copies of sources

Sources that could be used : Business and Professional Ethics Journal and Management Information Systems Quarterly

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Case Analysis Report Can you Regulate Competition

Total Pages: 3 Words: 958 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Course:MBA
Course Description:Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance

Specific Topic:Case Analysis Report;Can You Regulate Competition??


Short and long-run impact on the business of full compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act,considering the underlying cause for this restrictive legislation and the current cost to corporate America.

-Ethical Issues in business
-Laws requiring ethical conduct
-Sarbanes-Oxley Act (basic provision/requirements)
-Accounting Oversight Board (purpose)
-Financial disclosure and reporting
-Whistleblowers (policies,factors affecting)
-Auditor conflicts of interest (characteristics)

Excerpt From Essay:

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