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Essay Instructions: Need an analytical research paper on the Advantages of Biodiesel Distillation. Someone with a good background in the area of biodiesel will have to write this? Biodiesel (methyl esters)is an alternative fuel for diesel cars- (not to be confused with biofuels which can include ethanol for gas powered cars). This pertains only to biodiesel distillation and the reasons distillation is used in the production of biodiesel : such as, creates product homgenetity, creates a superior biodiesel when using both virgin and animal feedstocks, marketability- makes the purest biodiesel possible, takes sulfur out of high sulfur feed stock like beef tallow and chicken fat, Meets ASTM specifications. Include a little background info on biodiesel and why it is good and some basic processes to make it, but mostly concentrate paper on distillation uses.
Sections to include at a minimum are executive summary, project purpose (why distillation is used or needed ) and/or methodology, and conclusions drawn that is supported by the evidence.
Use only other research resources done on subject that I will be able to pull up and make copies to turn in with it also. Target audience is other biodiesel enthusiasts and producers.
Times New Roman, 12 pt, single line spacing, I inch margins- 2nd to 3rd year college level

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Title: The Hero in Literature and the Hunt symbolism

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Essay Instructions: The idea of courtly love, its identity and movement in the symbolic modeling of a hero?s characterization, is put forth in many literary works. This research will involve an examination of the hero?s journey (according to Joseph Campbell), his training, trials, and ultimately the message of his triumphant mission- triumph in its totality, which includes the expression of grief that surrounds it.
Of specific interest, I would like to examine this theme in the following works in comparison: (1) The Bible, selected courtly themes in Hosea, the Song of Solomon, and Ester, and (2) from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the theme of the huntsman and the hunt and the hunted. The hunt there is specific to this research: The use of this type of symbolism relative to an actually hunt going on the outside of the castle and its relationship to the hunt commencing on the inside of the castle is of specific interest here.
One question will emerge from the research: Is the real message of an authentic hero found in the heroic niceties of his movement or is real heroism located in the villainous carnage left in the wake of the hero?s journey, which forces and illuminates those around him to make their own heroic choices in the face of evil and their own cowardice? Who is the real hero in Gawain? The Green giant, who orchastrated the hunt with his queen, or Gawain?
Also, make use of works that state critical understanding on symbology and heriosm in literature.

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