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Title: Aromatherapy as a cancer treatment

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Essay Instructions: PART 1 (aprox 1500 words)

critically analyse the information regarding the use of essential oils to manage cancer in order to compare and contrast what is considered to be good evidence of efficacy in the aromatherapy community and what is considered to be good evidence in the biomedical community.

The analysis should bear the following points in mind:
- What is the nature of the evidence that the oils are effective?
- How has this evidence been gathered?
- Are there any studies that support these stated theraputic properties and how
valid and/or reliable are these studies?
- How would attitudes to safe practice differ between the aromatherapy and biomedical communities regarding the treatment with essential oils in cancer.

PART 2. (aprox 500 words)

Propose a study to investigate the efficacy of essential oils as a treatment for cancer, briefely outlining the aims and methedology. Discuss in more detail the issues that such studies raise in terms of which audience (biomedical,
aromatherapy) the research is aimed at. How do the methodological requirements of the different audiences effect such studies? (eg. issues around the use of
placebo, individual treatment vs. standardised treatments, importance of mind-body-spirit/ holism).

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