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Title: Espionage Study guide

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Essay Instructions: Focus on Chapters 19-30 (Interwar Spies to Line X/ Economic Espionage)
Also especially Kahn, Kotani, Breach, Olmsted, Richelson

Special focus on:
World War II themes (Barbarous, Moscow Counter-Offensive, Pearl Harbor, Midway)
Women in the Cold War
Economic Espionage

Files: Valkyrie, Charles Wilson's War, Breach, Nosenko, KGB
Focus on pulling out information gathering/espionage impacts

Material can be assessed though: may need ID and password, which I've provided.
ID: History
Password: Stalin1
October 17 starting with chapter 19 - November 26.

Make sure to pull out the specific relationships and how information gathering played a role in each focus point.

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Title: History of Espionage

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Essay Instructions: Topic Proposal on Oct 14
The Prospectus should include 1 paragraph that states your chosen topic, and a list of the source(s) that will be used for your research.

The paper must be properly formatted, with footnotes, page-numbers.

Normally this is a book report on a single book or equivalent in series articles, parts of books, or documents. The topic is open, but must involve some aspect of the history of espionage. Most interesting is a case study: how espionage affected or changed an historical outcome. For example, you could write a short study of Agent CICERO in Istanbul, Turkey, during World War II. Or a study of the role of espionage in the defeat of Napoleon. Note that all papers must be based on published materials: scholarly articles, scholarly books. No paper may cite or use internet web pages as sources.

examples of papers will be uploaded.

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Essay Instructions: Write a 1,600- to 2,000-word paper about corporate espionage and the legal aspects that surround it. Include the following topics in your paper:

- History and origins of corporate espionage
- Competitive Intelligence vs. corporate espionage
- Forms of corporate espionage
- Information theft and sabotage
- Agents and the process of collection
- Notable cases of corporate espionage
- Laws, provisions, and restrictions against corporate espionage
- How businesses can safeguard themselves from intellectual property theft (domestic laws)
- How businesses can safeguard themselves from intellectual property theft (international laws)

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Essay Instructions: In no more than 1500 words, discuss the history and evolution of espionage. Pay particular attention to the need for spies and the reasoning behind their willingness to assume this role.
This paper should cite the assigned readings and also incorporate any thoughts deemed relevant from the forum discussion.
Questions that were discussed via the forum during class participation:
Is spying necessary?
Should a spy/source always be considered a traitor to their country?
How do we mitigate the risks associated with engaging with these types of individuals?

If possible please refer to the books "The Moral Dilemmas of Spying" and " Why Spy? Espionage in an Age of Uncertainty".

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