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Title: International Human Rights Women and Gender

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Essay Instructions: 'Equality' and 'non-discrimination' are fundamental principles of international human rights.

CRITICALLY discuss how the principles of equality and non-discrimination are approached within the UN human rights framework with reference to the work of at least two treaty-monitoring bodies, including the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

The argument should be illustrated with reference to at least one substantive topic such as violence against women and human trafficking.

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Essay Instructions: Equality in the 21st Century.

This paper must be centered on the 21st century and the rights of women in society, business, etc. Women are still struggling for equal rights as they were during the Romantic Period etc. Refer to 21st century authors, poets and writers to help shape the analysis.

Write a 1,200 word paper explaining why the theme has endured, how it has changed from the Romantic period to the 21st century, and how it has intersected with social forces.

Explain how the theme has shaped English literature and how it has been expressed, making clear in each case what endures and what changes.

Include a prediction about how this theme will continue to change in the coming decades.

Use at least 5 outside sources to provide different interpretations of how the theme has evolved.

Format citations and references to the text and outside sources consistent with APA guidelines.

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Essay Instructions: For the purpose of this paper, we are to read Chapters 1 & 2 of Arthur Okun's book, "Equality and Efficiency." Okun did most of his empirical work on labor markets and price theory. However, as a former policymaker and lucid writer, he was also capable of writing a book that describes as clearly as any the areas of conflict between market distribution and political rules. He also offers us a nice review and commentary on authors, from Smith and Mill to Hayek and Friedman.

Below are some notes you may use to write this paper. The paper must answer the following question: "Why, for Okun, must a clear line be drawn between dollars and rights? Do you agree with his reasoning?" The paper should essentially summarize Okun's arguments using the notes provided below and quotes and passages from the selected chapters, while also formulating some kind of critical commentary with regards to agree or disagreeing with his argument.

o According to Okun rights are equally distributed and inalienable, meaning they cannot be bought and sold
o Additionally, they cannot be distributed as incentives, such as penalties or rewards
o Rights must necessarily be held outside the market, according to Okun, because if rights are set at a price, they become a commodity and lose the ?inalienability? that is so valuable because we believe people should not be able to get rid of their rights or have more rights than anyone else
o Despite our desire to keep these two domains separate, Okun demonstrates that dollars often transgress upon rights
o In particular, our right to equality before the law is often violated by dollars
o The way the defense system is set up today, lawyers charge exorbitant sums and therefore only the rich can afford the best lawyers
o Consequently, the wealthy have an advantage not afforded to the poor who are assigned public defenders, who ostensibly are not as talented as high paid private lawyers
o This is only one of many unfortunate instances Okun gives of dollars transgressing upon rights

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