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Title: Epidemic

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Essay Instructions: I am taking a biostatistics course. One of the requirement is to write an Epidemic Essay on the topic, "The Polio epidemic of the early 1950's. " I am gonna send the questions that should be answered in the essay. The teacher wants us to use some statistics in the paper (graphs, tables...)
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Title: Colonial America Epidemics

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Essay Instructions: Researching diseases/ disease epidemics in Colonial America primarily small pox and their effects on the Native Americans for college-level US History course. Paper needs to be in Turabian style with footnotes and annotated bibliography with a MINIMUM of 4 PRIMARY sources (something written during that time, news articles, journals, etc.) and a MINIMUM of 3 SECONDARY sources for a total of at the very least 7 different sources, no deviations allowed. Have attempted to use another service, they were horrible and could not follow these strict guidelines. Please help.

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Title: The science of epidemics

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following questions with at least 200 words each...

Make sure everything is original in answer.. and at least 1 reference for each question

1. How have areas of focus for epidemiology changed and evolved from the 1900s to the present? What effects have these changes had in your area of health care?

2. A variety of data sources are used in epidemiology, such as vital health care demographic statistics, disease registries, and data from health insurance databases. Select an available data source in your health care organization. What are this source?s strengths and weaknesses? Provide an example of its use in your setting. (you can use a hospital Setting)

3. Pandemics and epidemics are two areas of focus for epidemiologic evaluation. Select examples that have received media attention and coverage in the past five years. What are the key differences between an epidemic and a pandemic? How are these differences addressed in planning initiatives in health care organizations?

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Title: Research Paper

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Essay Instructions: Assignment1- Research Skills and Integrative Inquiry Process
Assignment 1: Research Questions
Step 1 ??" Read the following research question.
Research Question: I want to understand why malaria continues to be an epidemic in developing countries and I want to find some solutions.
Step 2 ??" Answer the following questions. For some of the questions you may need to complete the research tasks.
1. What are some broad areas and/or disciplines that you anticipate consulting for this research project? (list at least 3)
2. Perform a library search online to find a resource in at least one of those areas listed above. What search terms did you use? What is one good resource that you found? (list title, author, year)
3. Look at the catalogue entry for the resource listed above. What other subject headings look relevant to your research? (list at least 2)

Assignment 2: Research Paper Proposal & Annotated Bibliography
Step 1 ??" Read the instructions

This assignment is designed to help you plan and prepare for your research project. There are two parts to this assignment: 1) Research Proposal, and 2) Annotated Bibliography.
Step 2 ??" Complete the assignment
• Research Proposal: Write a 2 page research proposal that addresses each of the following three areas:
o Research question: What is your research question? How did you come up with your research question? In other words, what is the inspiration for your research?
o Background research: Where do you plan to gather your information for your literature review? What disciplines do you plan to consult? Why?
o Methods of inquiry you plan to use: Will you be doing library-based research, qualitative data collection, quantitative data collection, research with human subjects, lab research, or a mixture of these methods? Why are you selecting these methods?
o Your proposal should be double-spaced, 1” margins, with 12-point Times New Roman font.
The research topic- The environment ( global warming, pollution, rain forest, and endangered species)

• Annotated Bibliography: Begin your annotated bibliography for your research project. For this assignment, turn in 4 entries. Each annotation should be about 1 paragraph, and it should note the disciplinary frame/methods of the source.

All of this needs to be in your own words, except for what stated in the bibliography

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