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Instructions for Environmental Health College Essay Examples

Title: Global Warming

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Essay Instructions: Environmental Health

Brief Research Paper
Select, and research an environmental health problem preferably in your community. Topic selections may be based on any of the topics covered in your textbook e.g. effects of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides or other organic chemicals on health; effect of air quality on health of Houston population; effect of water quality on health; toxic metals and other elements in our environment; health effects of exposure to ionizing radiation; waste management and health; occupational health. You may also choose other topics related to environmental health such as global warming, emerging infectious diseases (epidemics, pandemics); threat of biological warfare; biological agents; land preservation; food safety concerns; food-borne illnesses; housing and indoor environments; injury and safety issues. Prepare a 5 page paper using APA format, to be submitted on

Format for paper: Standard margins, 12 point font, and double spacing.
Cover Page: (not included in required numbered (5) pages)
Your name
Course name
Instructor’s name

Introduction: ½ page 10 points
Overview of the paper
Present an initial view of the problem you will be addressing.

Problem Statement: 1½ page 25 points
Clearly define the problem. Use statistics and data from reputable sources to present the severity and extent of the problem. Be sure to include information to clarify why this is an environmental health problem.

Brief Literature Review: 1 ½ page 25 points
In this section you will present your findings from the literature regarding the problem.
Discuss the impact of the problem on population health.

Your analysis: 1 ½ page 25 points
This section should include your views about this environmental health problem, with an emphasis on what you would propose to resolve the problem.

References: (not included in required numbered (5) pages)
Document all references using APA format. A minimum of 3 references from professional sources must be included.

References and APA Style Citations 15 points

If you need assistance with APA Style, there are a few websites that provide very detailed guidelines. These are posted in the web links.

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Title: environmental health

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Essay Instructions: Review the environmental health links below. What have you learned from the information embedded in these sites? Be comprehensive and scholarly in your response.

To calculate your carbon and/or eco-footprints, complete the questionnaire below

National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

Tox Town

Mold in the School

Indoor Environmental Quality

National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Teleosis Institute: Green Health Care

Office of Health, Safety and Security

U.S. Department of Energy

Cite your sources.

APA format
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Title: Framework Environmental Health and Risk Management for Asbestos

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Essay Instructions: For your session-long project, you will develop an environmental health risk management plan for a project type of your choice (Asbestos).

Module 2 Assignment

In this SLP you will examine all stakeholders associated with your project. Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:

Identify all stakeholders associated with the project.

Describe the interest that each stakeholders has in the project. (Sufficient detail is required so that the appropriate areas of interest are addressed in the risk management plan.)

Describe what are the possible consequences to the general acceptance and credibility of the plan if key stakeholders are omitted or not considered in the environmental health risk management plan.

Before you try to identify appropriate stakeholders for this project, it is recommended that you review the following site:

Getting Started - Identifying Stakeholders at

The process of identifying stakeholders is very important for participatory analysis to be effective. You should understand that within an overall stakeholder group, such as oil companies or retail sales stores, opinions and positions on issues may vary significantly. Its the same thing in political parties.

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Title: Environmental Health Case study or Lawsuit

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Essay Instructions: Write an opinion/position paper as an essay from any case-study or lawsuit relevant to Environmental Health within the past 20 years. This essay should a minimum of four (4) typed double-spaced pages (thesis statement/introduction, body and conclusion). If your paper is a case-study the same rules apply, you may not have Defendant(s) or plaintiff(s), but Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP). In the case-study you select, the defendant maybe PRPs and the plaintiff maybe US EPA, for Superfund Sites. You must make the correct decision for your assignment. Please use the APA (American Psychological Association) writing style format and include three references.

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