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Title: Envionmental degragation and povert

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Essay Instructions: Environmental Degragation is the reduction of the capacity of the environment to meet social and ecological objectives, and needs.

According to Wikipedia:
Environmental degradation is one of the ten threats officially cautioned by the High Level Threat Panel of the United Nations. WRI (the World Resources Institute), UNEP (the United Nations Environment Programme), UNDP (the United Nations Development Programme) and the World Bank have made public an important report on health and the environment worldwide on May 1, 1998.
Environmental Change and Human Health, a special section of World Resources 1998-99 in this report describes how preventable illnesses and premature deaths are still occurring in very large numbers. If vast improvements are made in human health, millions of people will be living longer, healthier lives than ever before. In these poorest regions of the world an estimated one in five children will not live to see their fifth birthday, primarily because of environment-related diseases.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between poverty and environmental degragation.
-- how are they related
--what are both sides of the issues
--how can this problem be solved

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Title: Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global Trade

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Essay Instructions: Assignment - Literature Review: Multilateral Environmental Agreements & Global Trade

Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA) are international legal instruments for the regulation of activities affecting the environment and form an essential framework for practical efforts by the international community to reduce environmental degradation and promote sustainable development. There are over 250 multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) dealing with various environmental issues which are currently in force. About 20 of these include provisions that can affect trade.

The literature review develops skills in classifying research findings, synthesizing them, and reporting them to an audience. The literature review also points out unanswered but researchable questions in the topic area of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global Trade.

Your literature review document should be no less than nine (9) pages in length and should utilize ALL the concepts outlined and follow the example literature review within the document entitled, “Writing a Short Literature Review”, by William Ashton, Ph.D. These concepts should include:

1) Choosing a maximum of six (6) articles in which to base your literature review
2) Introductory and Conclusion Paragraphs
a) Include a Thesis Statement in the Introductory Paragraph
3) Discuss a minimum of three (3) major points you found through your research that would be considered in the correlation between Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global Trade
4) Compare and contrast the articles chosen to prove or refute your Thesis Statement
5) If possible, discuss research methods

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Title: To what extent is humanity a wise steward of the environment

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Essay Instructions: Topic:
One of the themes of environmental has been shows that the idea of mature is human construction. As we see before, Nature Valley believes that nature is basically gentle and benevolent. Implicit in this position is an idea of humanity. Nature Valley suggests that man is a corrupting influence who serves nature best by living with nature and not by trying to control or manipulate it. The debate between neo-Malthusians and the Cornucopians also has implied arguments about the nature of humanity. The neo-Malthusians, as many of you suggest, have an essentially negative view of humanity. While it is certainly true that the neo-Malthusians suggests that man often acts selfishly for short-term gains, they also imply that people can be educated to act rationally to benefit the long-term health of the planet. Consider here Ehrlich?fs solution to population growth. IF people could not learn, they;d be little point in doing anything other than forced sterilization. The deep-ecologists, however, bank only on man?fs destructiveness. The cornucopians, on the other hand, have a far more optimistic view. They argued that we will always find ways to solve problems that crop up and we will do so in time to ward off disaster. Both perspectives also take different positions on technology. Ehrlich point out that it just cant keep up with the environmental degradation caused by human activity. The Cornucopians believe it will.
What I want to do in this paper is to develop an understanding of humanity?fs handling of environmental problems. Are we rational creatures capable of seeing consequences beforehand and inventing solutions? Or are we irrational, self-centered creatures who must ultimately destroy ourselves? Ore are we something in between? What does the actions of the atomic bomb suggests about who we are and how we act? What can be said of our technology, its ability to save us, and out ability to use it rationally and wisely?

Writing Prompt:
In the thesis driven essay answer the question:

To what extent is humanity a wise steward of environment?

Please remember that I have not phrased this question as an absolute that requires a simple answer like ?gyes?h or ?gno?h or ?gwe are not wise.?h What I am after is that you examine this issue thoroughly. Avoid hasty generalizations in which you either condemn or praise all of humanity.

PS. please make sure to provide a topic that fits your thesis, not just the writing prompt.
also, please write as well as possible, i need a good grade on this paper, thank you so much. need about 2-3 resources.

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Title: american history

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Essay Instructions: An outside commentator on American society has access to limited information about American history. She knows only the following: when Europeans came to this continent, it was a "paradise" or "Garden of Eden." She also knows that the American standard of living and individual freedoms are the envy of much of the world. She knows that Americans at the beginning of the 21st century face an environmental crisis. She wonders how this transformation has come about and wonders how to explain the contradiction between material success and individual freedom, on the one hand, and environmental degradation on the other.
Your task is to clarify for this commentator the history that transformed a continent in four centuries, culminating in the paradox of material and individual success and environmental crisis. In an essay, spell out the connections. Include a description and analysis of the environmental crisis, the historical forces that have contributed to environmental degradation and exploitation, and American traditions, movements, or perspectives that have attempted to counter the impact of "blind progress." By way of conclusion, make clear your assessment of the relative impact of the forces that have exploited the environment and the forces that have stressed conservation, environmentalism, or an ecological perspective.
Include a discussion of the following:
a) Indians & ecology
b) capitalism, the myth of superabundance, Judeo-Christian tradition
c) Hetch Hetchy
e) Aldo Leopold
f) Rachel Carson/Earth Day/EIS/EPA
g) Conservative Backlash
h) Environmental Movement, 1990s-present
i) Affluenza, global warming, ozone hole, Katrina & New Orleans
j) Conclusion

not all of these have to be included. There is no way they can be all related.
possible sources
First along the river second edition by benjamin Kline
anything else but i need a copy it.
i also need footnote as well.

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