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Title: Water Supply Safety

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Essay Instructions: 1. Vulnerability Assessment Grids
In this activity, you will complete two vunerability assessment grids with a specific focus on water supply systems infrastructure. See attached grid.

o Complete two separate vulnerability assessment grids, one from a hospital perspective and one from an EMS perspective. Be sure to include at least two items under each risk category, and give particular consideration to a broad range of risks and attributes with an emphasis on those that would be most disruptive to the overall hospital or EMS operations.

2. Individual ERP Reviews
In this individual activity, you will review your team's hospital and EMS ERPs and come up with suggestions on how you would modify the ERPs based on this lesson's readings and vulnerability assessments around water supply systems infrastructure. Specifically, you should write up your suggestions, supported by at least two academic references, in a one page document.

Works Cited
United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA). (2004). Emergency Response Plan Guidance for Small and Medium Community Water Systems. Retrieved May 19, 2006, from

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