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Title: Eco Fashion

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Essay Instructions: topic is eco fashion.
the idea: Environmental is the fabrics that you use to be environmental friendly. Social trends can affect fashion merchandising decision. People buying new clothes in order to catch the fashion trend and throwing old garments away, which cause the problem in landfill. And some of fibers take a long time to decompose. The processes of creating the garments produce the water and air pollution. People should buy more natural fibers garment than manufactured fiber garment to reduce the environment pollution. I will like to inform how the textile affects our environment, the difference between natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics, and how social society influence on the decision of merchandise purchasing.

I want you to develop the paper well without using direct quotes. (not more than three if necessary)
Have to include at least 6 resources (within past 8 months)

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Title: Continental Airline

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Essay Instructions: 1) Key factors and issues of CONTINENTAL AIRLINE.

2) Five Force Analysis indicate in terms of strategic threats and opportunities; And how are the various competitors positioned?

3) What are some of major performance indicators in each of the following areas: Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, MIS and General Management? Provide a 3 to 5 years data (2000 - 2004) for the indicators with airline industry averages(for either 2003 or three first quarters of the industry average.)

4) What specific generic/grand/ strategic business unit strategies would you consider, now?

5) Undertake a Strategic Fit Analysis and make strategy recommendations.

6) Identify specific functional strategies in the area of marketing, finance, HR, Ope. Management, and MIS needed to implement a generic or grand strategy that you have recommended.

7) Develop at least 3 specific annual objectives for any 3 of the functional areas, to successfully implement the recommended strategy.

8) What are some of the more important corporate social responsibility issues facing the corporation now and in the past? (Product Safety and Reliability Environment Pollution; Unethical Competition; Treatment of Employees, Community Relation?) What recommendations do you have?

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