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Title: Week 2 Journal

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Essay Instructions: Environment

Reflect for a moment on your own classroom environment or on a favorite classroom environment from your own schooling. Are there (or were there) clear rules that emphasize what students should do rather than what they should not do? How will (or did) it change student performance? Are (or were) students called on equitably? How does it (or did it) change the learning environment? Do you greet each student (or were you greeted) every day? How will you make sure your classroom environment will promote student responsibility, self-awareness as a learner, and learning for the satisfaction of learning?

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Title: Environment

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Essay Instructions: Using the powerpoint slides that I have uploaded answer the following questions in detail: (mainly focus on Canadian environmental issues)

1. Environmental managers face certain challenges in doing their work. These challenges include issues related to time pressures, uncertainty, and politics. Describe and explain each of these sets of challenges and then make an argument as to which of these, in your opinion, are the most significant in terms of affecting the ability of an environmental manager to pursue activities related to the conservation, preservation and protection of nature. As part of your answer you need to discuss why these particular challenges you have identified are the most challenging for environmental managers. Make sure to give appropriate examples and illustrations (2 Pages)

2. Compare and contrast how the fields of environmental economics and ecological economics deal with natural resources and the natural environment, especially the protection of natural resources and the natural environment. Which approach do you think is better in terms of environmental protection and why? Make sure to give appropriate examples and illustrations (2 Pages)

3. In this course we have covered certain key aspects and principles of systems thinking. Explain in detail how the systems thinking may be used to help to direct, guide and inform the environmental management strategies of environmental impact assessment, adaptive environmental management and integrated environmental management. That is, explain how particular elements of systems thinking, as well as the general orientation of systems thinking, are relevant for the effective pursuit of the three environmental management strategies specified above. (2 pages)

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Title: environment background for Guinea

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Essay Instructions: It is a really short assignment. It doesn't need a formal introduction and conclusion. The paper should have the 'look' and 'feel' of a Country-Conflict Backgrounder and my part of the backgrounder is environment. Also, the prof requires the citation to be Annotated Bibliography. Thank you. The coming attachment will be some detail criteria request by my professor.
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Title: environment and islamic architecture

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Essay Instructions: -About Architecture- history
-About Islamic Architecture- history
-Islam and Architecture-
-Environment and Islam
-The reflection of Islam inArchitecture
-The reflection of the Environment in Islamic Architecture
-The elements and details of the Islamic Architecture which were had been useful for Islamic Eco Buildings and can be useful for all world architecture --Sampels and discussion with drawings and photographs --

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