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Title: entertainment writing

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Essay Instructions: Entertainment Writing

Use writing techniques such as deception, satire, narration or graphic illustration to gain the interes of your reader.

Some Topic Suggestions:
Solve a problem
Criticize a social group or institution.
Cause your reader to reflect on something.
Share something graphic with your reader.
Create a ridiculous argument.
Trick your reader.
Tell a joke or a funny story.

MLA Format

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Essay Instructions: Assessment Task 2 ? Written Report ? Individual
REPORT A ? Entertainment Industry Structure and Relationships
Research, source and apply information on the structure and operation of the entertainment industry, personal library reference or the internet. Apply this information in the form of a report on this structure and operation using the following elements as headings. industry structure, its different sectors and the products and services available major entertainment industry bodies, their relevancy and application relationships between entertainment and other event industries economic and social significance of the entertainment industry key areas of responsibility and employment, roles and responsibilities
REPORT B ? Human Resources Management
Research and identify sources of information on the human resource management issues and current employment issues within the entertainment industry, using the Martin College library, personal library reference or the internet to present a report on entertainment industry employment, regulations, unions, obligations and opportunities. This assessment can be presented in part as a SWOT analysis. Obligations of employers, including safe system of work and non-discrimination Occupational Health and Safety regulations Duty of Care Under the (Queensland State) Occupational Health and Safety Act Research information on career opportunities and what those roles maybe Roles, responsibilities and employment rights of contracted workers Describe relevant unions and employer bodies Describe professional associations Describe how knowledge of the entertainment industry would enhance the quality of work performance Overview of current terminology
Requirements and deliverables
1. Each report comprises 750 words (+-10%)
2. Size 12 Arial font
3. Report A is to include Introduction, Entertainment Industry Structure and Relationships, Conclusion, and References
4. Report B is to include Introduction, Human Resources Management, Conclusion, and References
5. To be reviewed Session 11
6. Submitted to Study Smart by Session 16

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Title: Entertianment Economy

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Essay Instructions: Analytical Memo Report: The Entertainment Economy

Students and business people increasingly face the challenge and opportunity of the ?Information Age.? Selecting, evaluating, retaining, applying, raising and answering questions, and explaining facts and ideas credibly are essential skills. Today?s companies tend to be ?learning organizations? that seek and cultivate those who can find, create, analyze, and communicate clearly and credibly, are up-to-date, and are ?lifetime learners.?

To help develop these abilities, you are to prepare a 4 page memo presenting your analysis and conclusions from this book, The Entertainment Economy (By Michael J. Wolf, Three Rivers Press, New York 1999). After reading the book, report the following: (Be specific/complete, and include supporting facts)

-Describe 1 main point of each chapter, and note the chapter it is from.
Example: Ch 1-The media and entertainment industry have become more like traditional businesses , which are simultaneously finding that entertainment is central to their own success (note: your entry will include detail).

-Discuss 1 key example from each chapter, note the term/topic it illustrates, and note the chapter it is from.
Example: Ch 1-Westinghouse sold all of its traditional industrial businesses and purchased CBS, making broadcasting its only business (note: your entry will include detail). Topic: media and industry coverage.

-Ask 1 critical thinking question (do not use a ?definition? question) raised by reading this text.
Example: Is this the intersection of media/entertainment and traditional business a good thing?

-Answer that question in depth and precisely, using at least 3 specific facts and examples from the book.

-Explain the 3 most important lessons you have learned from this book. Be specific, detailed, and thoughtful.

Use this memo format:


-Main Points (Ch #1-10)
-Ch. 1 (Main point)

-Examples (Ch #1-10)
-Ch. 1 (example). Related term/topic: (term/topic)

-Critical Thinking Question/Answer

-Lessons Learned


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Title: Entertainment Law

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Essay Instructions: This is a seminar paper for a law school final in an entertainment law seminar. We are to choose any topic which applies to this area. Certain topics we have discussed are agents contracts, royalties paid to songwriters, artists, etc.

Excerpt From Essay:

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