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Title: Reflective Essay

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Essay Instructions: Write a reflective essay between 700 and 1,200 words using concrete, vivid words, figurative language, and sensory imagery. Use reflective technigues. Also use narrative and descriptive strategies as part of the reflective essay.

Write a reflective essay in which you recall an enlightening experience you had as a child or teenager. Looking at the experience from your present, adult perspective, then describe the experience and its meaning or significance for you. Tell your story using lively language, dialogue, and other writing stategies. Draw the reader in and lead him/her to understand the importance of the experience for you. Make sure that the conclusion is clear on what you learned from your experience, without telling the reader outright.

Introduction - The opening line invites the reader into the reflection in an interesting way appropriate to the focus of the essay. The lesson, idea, or understanding you'll show yourself learning is included in some way.

Use of reflective mode - Use appropriate descriptive and narrative techniques for the purpose of suppoting your reflections. Include appropriate concrete, reflective verbs as well as figurative and sensory language to engage the readerin the moment. The essay must stay focused from beginning to end on the one thing learned. The reflective perspective stays true and realistic.

Conclusion - The last paragraph maintains the reflective mode and perspective as it provides closure on the new understanding without any explanation or preaching.

Coherence and overall development - The essay must be unified, cohesive, and coherent. Focus on one particular age when you learned something or on several experiences showing how you grew in understanding about one main idea. Essay must be organized without clutter. Use appropriate transitions and/or connective discussion to guide the reader and maintain clear focus. Each sentence and paragraph flows coherently to the next. Each pargraph contains a controlling idea that develops the essay focus and each sentence works to develop fully that paragraph's controlling idea.

Grammar and mechanics - Use correctly a variety of sentence types (pound and plex, short and long)that indicate when certain types of sentences work best to convey your message. The essay must contain no run-on sentences, ma splices, and fragments. Essay is free of grammar usage, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Length and format - Essay must be double-spaced using Times New Roman font, size 12. The first line of each paragraph is indented five spaces (one tab), and there are no skipped lines. the length is between 700 and 1,200 words. Required header information is given on each page.

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