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Title: How English Literature has evolved and changed from medieval times to romantic era

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Essay Instructions: Create a five paragraph essay in which you explain how English Literature has evolved and changed from medieval times up to the romantic era.

Write an introduction in which you talk about what English Literature focused on in early times and briefly trace the direction it took up through the early Romantics. Develop a thesis statement.

In your 3 body paragraphs you will need to cite three separate works from three separate periods. Quote from each work after you have discussed it. Your quotes will need to be indented and single spaced. Write a conclusion paragraph in which you characterize the changes(developments) in perspective and thought that you have written about in this paper.

Some examples you might want to use.
- Beowulf
- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
- Ballads
- The Faerie Queene
- King Arthur
- Hamlet
- John Donne
- Francis Bacon
- Robert Herrick
- George Herbert
- Andrew Marvel
- Paradise Lost Book IX (John Milton)
- Samuel Pepys
- Samuel Johnson
- William Blake
- Thomas Gray
- Robert Burns
Your assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria. You may wish to use it as a checklist as you work.

______ Does the thesis statement clearly determine the direction of the paper?

______ Does the writer effectively discuss three examples of literature from three periods?

______ Does the writer clearly explain the differences between the representative periods in British Literature, so the reader gets a sense of how the literature has evolved?

______ Do the quotations from each work effectively support the student’s assertions?

______ Does the conclusion paragraph succinctly present an accurate overview of British Literature from the Medieval to Romantic periods?

______ Did the writer employ correct grammar, usage, mechanics, and proofreading?

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast 2 English literature texts (Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, "Decolonizing the Mind" and Rohinton Mistry's "Squatter"). The texts will be included in an upload with additional material to be used for this analysis.

Answer the following question as precisely and in as much detail as you can, offering close analysis to defend your claims. Though the answer need not be structured as an essay, in that you can omit the introduction and conclusion, the answer should still be conherent and unified (ideas should be linked and paragraphs should be focused, and you must write in complete sentences). Be sure to explain any terrminology you use, and use examples to strengthen your answer. The anaylsis will be graded based on content, not length.

1. Compare and contrast two texts (included) that challenges the idea of a pure or stable racial, ethnic, national, or cultural identity. Explain with detailed examples both how the texts challenge this notion (the literary strategies employed) and why: for what purpose and to what effect. Be sure to include at least 6 points of how it answers that question, and 6 examples to of textual evidence to support your points/claims. The "why" becomes like a thesis statement and should be stated as similar or different in it's application to each text.

This is an analysis and not a summary, you can assume that the reader knows the material. I will upload 3 reviews of the 2 texts that will help with the analysis, but I do not have the texts themselves. If you are able to find them, it may help with textual evidence and supporting ideas.

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Essay Instructions: The Jew in English literature. The reflection of Anti-Semitism and racism In certain novels and plays such as the Jew of Malta, Oliver Twist, Shakespeare's works e.g The Merchant of venice. With elaboration until the end of this racism and anti-semitism.

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Title: 18th century literature

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Essay Instructions: Writers such as Dryden and Pope wrote to address public concerns about important political and social aspects of 18th century literature and culture. Please answer the following 2 essay questions regarding these general concerns of the writer during the 18th century.

SOURCE: "The Norton Anthology of English Literature. The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century." Volume 1c Seventh Edition.

1. What is good writing? What is the role of good writing? What is its relationship to living and thinking? (Dryden)

2. What is the purpose of literary criticism? What is the most beneficial kind of literary criticism? (Pope, Dryden)

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