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Title: English Composition 2 Argument Essay

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Essay Instructions: English Composition 2 :

Argument Essay


Jails are overcrowded. Furthermore, jails often function as " scholls for crime" in which pretty lawbreakers learn to become hardened ciminals. Of course, it is necassary to put violent criminals in jail to protect others. But society would benefit nonviolent criminas received punishments other than jail sentences.

Could you make some small grammer mistakes (not to much like 3 -4) that it looks like an student essay. Thanks

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Title: Stadium Construction

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Essay Instructions: English Composition II
Title: Is the New Stadium Worth the Cost?
Preliminary thesis: New sports facilities do not stimulate local economies. This paper will examine (1) the lack of benefits to the local community as a result of new stadium construction, (2) the lack of economic improvement in areas where new stadiums have been constructed, and (3) how the costs of building a new stadium outweigh the benefits. The essay will be written with the average tax paying citizen in mind and intended to dissuade those who have a vote in such referendums. Must include a cover page and a Works Cited page. The Works Cited page must include 7 sources.

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Essay Instructions: English Composition

Procrastination (Cause & Effect Paragraph)
What causes students to procrastinate on assignments or studying for tests? What are the effects of this procrastination? Choose either the causes or the effects of procrastination and write a well-developed paragraph, using illustrations from your own experience or observations as applicable. Develop a strong topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence for your paragraph.
This assignment should be one paragraph or a minimum of 10-15 senteces.

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Essay Instructions: English Composition

Persuasive Essay
Fallacies in the Media?s Spotlight Identify and research a person in the media's spotlight who has used a logical fallacy. Your thesis statement should state which logical fallacy is being committed. In the body of the essay, include specific examples of the logical fallacies. Use a persuasive tone throughout to encourage your chosen audience to accept your thesis statement.
This should be 3 pages, minimum of 750 words

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