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Title: Research on steel girder concrete slab bridges repair methods

Total Pages: 5 Words: 2088 Sources: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Research on steel girder/concrete slab bridges repair methods


I. Abstract
II. Introduction
III. Review of Literature
IV. Descriptions and discussions of the damage area and their repair methods (mainly
Focus on concrete slab)
V. Conclusion.
VI. List of References.

Repair methods should at least consist of the followings:

a. Delamination
b. Loss of concrete
c. Salt damage.
d. Corrosion
e. Scaffold use (typically for repair of steel beams/girders).
f. etc..


I. Suggested length = 4-5 pages, font size 12, with double spacing text. A cover page or a reference page or … does NOT consider a page.
II. Only the abstract, introduction, review of literature, descriptions, discussions and conclusion will actually be counted as part of the 5 pages paper.
III. Any charts, tables, illustrations, imaginations, calculations, etc….do NOT
consider part of the text.
IV. 7 or more references, and at least 3-4 references have to be come from academic books, journals, resources, Etc….(NOT from www).
V. At least 60% of the all the contents have to be done by yourself, meaning that they are your own words.
VI. Any calculations must be done by usage of software (Mathcad..etc..) or print neatly on engineering papers.

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