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Title: Engagement Phase Examination of Self and Others

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1505 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Engagement Phase: Examination of Self and Others

Focus on examining similarities and differences in engagement strategies with clients. Each student will first conduct self-examination of how he or she would prefer to be engaged in a professional social work relationship as a client, determining what personal and cultural values, beliefs and preferences are held. This will then be contrasted by selecting a hypothetical ?client? who will differ in diversity profile from the student (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation or other characteristics)

A similar analysis of the engagement phase with this hypothetical client will be conducted, focusing on cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors that are described in the literature as related to the chosen diversity profile.

Concepts must be supported by the professional literature.

***Student is a middle class African American young adult woman from a large city. She is a Democrat Liberal, educated and from a 2 parent household.

***Hypothetical ?client? is middle/low class older white male from rural South Carolina. He is a Republican Conservative, married and retired from a factory job.

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Essay Instructions: A reflection paper written in the first person about applying/understanding 'Employee Engagement' and 'Glass Ceiling' in my management career. The emphasis is on the practical application of these two topics to a management role. Assume an existing manager in career for 15 years changing corporate culture to reflect current times with a strong emphasis on employee engagement. Company is 180 year-old transportation company with slowly changing culture.

Reference Articles

Heathfield, S. (2011). 18 critical factors to improve employee satisfaction and engagement. Retrieved from

Ketter, P. (2013, June 08). Managers are vital to employee engagement. Retrieved from

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay that introduces and explores the meaning and significance of ?student engagement in post-secondary education?. Begin your essay with a clear thesis or purpose statement that demonstrates some fresh insight or somewhat original approach to the subject. Conclude your essay with your personal views on the topic and how student engagement might manifest itself in your own academic life and beyond.
You must use at least 6 references, each from distinctively different sources or papers including at least 4 reference from anything written or co-written by G.D. Kuh (an expert in the field) and at least one published journal article by someone else.
Here is a couple of articles I want you to use:

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Title: Compare and Contrast Volunteerism Community Engagement and Service Learning

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1908 Works Cited: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a reflection comparing and contrasting volunteerism, community engagement, and service learning. Be sure to state your references. You must read and reflect upon the four documents contained in the “Compare and Contrast Assignment” folder in blackboard (or attached here to this assignment - same documents). In addition, you must find on your own at least 3 solid resources.

In your written reflection, make sure you critically explore the deeper meaning behind the readings and collectively how are the messages similar and in what ways do the messages differ.

Four documents:
1) Helping, Fixing or Serving?, Rachel Naomi Remen, Shambhala Sun, September 1999.
2) To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich
3) In the Service of Life By Rachel Naomi Remen
4) A Health Education Program for Underserved Community Youth Led by Health Professions Students
Authors: Kimberley Begley, PharmD, Ann Ryan Haddad, PharmD, Carla Christensen, PharmD, and Elaine Lust, PharmD; American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2009; 73 (6) Article 98

You must use all 7 sources in the paper at lease once. Include works cited with paper.

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