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Essay Instructions: Design a Management Control System (MCS) which allows UTS to reduce its energy footprint in Building 3.

Energy Savings Measurement Guide

The website of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism ( hosts a variety of resources that you may find helpful in thinking about your group assignment. One document in particular, the Energy Savings Measurement Guide, can be found at the above link.
The Energy Savings Measurement Guide (ESMG) [PDF, 2.5MB] has been created as a best practice guide to assist companies estimate, measure, evaluate and track energy savings.
The Guide will help companies to:

improve their understanding of how to estimate and measure energy savings
realise potential and financial savings by accurately quantifying the whole of business costs and benefits of an energy efficiency opportunity
make the business case to key decision makers
report accurately on savings identified and implemented.


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Title: Project Proposal

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2643 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The most important deliverable of the Initiation Phase of a project is the Project Proposal. In this assignment, you will produce a Project Proposal for your project**.

Your proposal should contain all of the elements of the following structure. The order in which you use these elements is at your discretion and should meet the standards of the organization you are using as the backdrop of your project, or the standards set out in this course.

Use business language and keep it free of unnecessary jargon.

Complete the assignment in a Microsoft Word document.
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Issue
3. Background
4. Deliverables
5. Project Assumptions
6. Porject Constraints
7. Critical Success Factors
8. Risk Analysis

9. Scope:
9a) In Scope
9b) Out of Scope

10. Stakeholder Analysis:
10a) Critical Stakeholders
10b) Non-Critical Stakeholders

11. Budget
12. Summary
13. Approval Page

**The above project proposal is based on the following background:

The premise of the proposed project is to deliver a home improvement solution plan to the homeowner, Mr. Fung. Operated and performed by top-notch operation and construction management teams and technicians; XYZ SERVICE LTD will effectively diagnose Mr. Fung's growing family needs by deliver home improvement upgrades that bring energy efficiency, safety and comfort to the customer.

The scope of the project includes:
--Inspecting and re-piping the heating system to fix circulation problem and improve energy consumption
--Installing new air conditioning system
--Improving insulation to meet energy saving standard
--Adding living space by adding an extension or a simple remodeling
--Expanding parking space by building a semi-covered parking lot (asphalt, concrete, pavers, or stucco)

The stakeholders involve in this project includes homeowner and his family members, construction contractors, project teams from XYZ SERVICE LTD and Inspection Service Divisions and Building Policy Office at City of Vancouver. This project plan will be delivered to the Fung's family located in Vancouver, B.C. only. All other locations are out of scope.

So far, only budget for installing new air conditioning system is done:
4 x Mitsubishi Air-Cond with Heat, each in 4 bedrooms upstairs, total = $7,400
2 x Mitsubishi Air-Cond w/o Heat, on downstairs main floor, total = $3,900
Installation Labor Fee, total = $6,400

Customer is requesting that (infoceo) completes this order.

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Title: green construction

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1583 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I want the person to discuss the concept of green building and sustainable development and how it came about. furthermore i want the person to discuss the impact green building has on the environment and on the market. can they discuss the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energy, water efficiency, waste and toxic reduction specifically.

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Title: energy audit

Total Pages: 3 Words: 855 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Create a home energy audit and calculate the energy consumption and cost.
Investigate the sources using this list

Energy Sources (check all that apply)::
____ Electrical ____ Gas

Electricity Source:

Name of the Power Plant that provides electricity to your home: ( if possible, use the power plant in Washington DC called PEPCO)

Location of the Power Plant:

Capacity of the Plant: (MWh per day electricity produced or supply to # of homes):

Type of Power Plant:

Fuel source of the Power Plant:

Amount of fuel the plant uses per day:

How old is the plant? (when was the plant was built?)

What pollutants are emitted by the plant?

What health effects do these pollutants have?

What does the plant do with the “spent fuel” (such as ash from the coal fired power plant or fuel rod from the nuclear power plant) and any other bi-products?


List all the other sources of energy you and your family uses in addition to electricity (include the information on what they are used for, such as natural gas for heating, cooking, water heating etc.).

Analysis Questions:

Did you find areas in your home where the energy efficiency could be improved? If so, list them and explain what you will do to improve them, if anything.

What did you learn from the energy audit about your local energy sources?

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