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Title: endocrine system

Total Pages: 1 Words: 327 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Explain the function of the endocrine system and its relation to neurotransmitters. Address the role of hormones in the following activities: flight or fight response, emotions, and sexuality.

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Title: Endocrine System to include Dwarfism Gigantism and Addison's disease

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2090 Sources: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Assignment:

1. Brief description of the Endocrine System, along with the structures and functions of that system.

2. Include a brief description of Dwarfism, Gigantism, and Addison's disease. Include common tests that are performed for each to elvaluate diseases of that system.

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Title: Psychology applied

Total Pages: 2 Words: 656 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Unit 1 Fundamentals of Psychology

Reading Assignment
e-Textbooks are accessible via the Vital Source bookshelf. Click here and enter the login information you received via email from Words of Wisdom (WOW) to access your text.

Rathus, Chapters 1,2, 6

Assignment Type: Individual Project Points Possible: 50 Deliverable Length: 3?4 pages (APA format)

Choose one assignment. You will be graded on only one assignment.

Choice 1:

Assignment: Part of understanding the mind-body connection is to understand the processes and relationships between the physical and psychological states of a human being. Understanding this connection leads us to the nature versus nurture debate.

What is the nervous system, and how do the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) work together to coordinate the body?s activities?
How does the endocrine system influence behavior?
How does heredity impact individual behavior?
How do one?s environment and the social influences around them influence behavior?
Which do you believe provides the stronger influence on behavior: nature (genetics) or nurture (environment)? Explain why.
Please base your essay on Unit 1 course content, textbook, experience, and quality Internet materials. Be sure to appropriately cite your resources.

Please submit your assignment.


Choice 2:

Assignment: You are chairing a committee at work that has been tasked with developing a ?healthy mind and healthy body? seminar for employees. Management has asked that you discuss your topics and plans for the seminar including a copy of the informational flyer (poster) you will post in the break room for employees.

I. Topics to be covered include the following:

how the mind and body work together
what research tells us about how an unhealthy mind and body can impact behavior at work
the dangers of internalizing stress
the physical and emotional benefits of keeping discrimination and prejudice out of the workplace
ideas and strategies for keeping the workplace happy and healthy
II. Your flyer (poster) should accompany the discussion of your topics and should be informative and inviting.

Please base your essay on Unit 1 course content, textbook, experience, and quality Internet materials. Be sure to appropriately cite your resources.

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Title: Nursing Consideration for Patients with Eating Disorders and its Associate Medical Complications

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4208 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Clinical Research Problem

1.Identify the nursing care problem or issue
a. What are the nursing consideration in the treatment of an individual with an eating disorder? And how does their role affect the medical complications associated with eating disorders? (ie it?s effects on the renal, neurological, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems)

2.Utilize research priorities published by a professional nursing organization to identyify a nursing research question (see National Institute of Nursing Research: Research Themes for the Future) (I will fax a copy)
a.Refer to research priorities as published by National Institute of Nursing Research when discussing problem or issue

3. Provide rationale for choice of this problem or issue (the significance of this to nursing)

4. Conduct a review of the related literature to determine existing concepts, theories, research methods and findings to the stated question
a. Review of literature should provide a concise, integrative and interpretive approach to the stated problem or issue
i.Include nursing research studies to support thesis (minimum or two)
ii.Literature review should include refereed, current journals with nursing literature being predominant in review
iii.Minimum of eight current references as above

5. Suggest recommendations for further research and implications of the findings

Paper should include the following
Statement of problem/issue
Significance of problem/issue
Review of literature

Paper should be in APA format

There are faxes for this order.

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