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Title: Encryption

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Essay Instructions: I need to write a paper on encryption. I need to compare different methods of encryption and describe why one is best in certain situations.

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Title: Encryption

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Essay Instructions: Looking for how the Patriot Act involves Encryption and also use the book by Bruce Schneier "Schneier on Security" chapters 11 & 12. Any other information is greatly appreciated.

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Essay Instructions: To assure a trusted and resilient information and communications infrastructure, it is essential to secure the computer networks. Computer networks are implemented via technology. Part of solutions of their security in essence need to be via technology as well. The following two presentations provide the security protocols common in computer networks.
Kizza. Computer Network Security Protocols and Standards. Presentation.
Perlman, R. (2004), Network Security Protocls: A Tutorial. Presentation.
As you see from the presentations, to understand computer network security protocols, it is important to understand what cryptography is, as it is the building block of security protocols. The following reading provides a thorough review:
Kessler, G. (2011). An overview of cryptography. Retrieved from
If one is new to cryptograph, it takes some time for one to understand it. Maybe some hands-on practice will be helpful. You don't have to get it all figured out, but give it a try. You may find it interesting.
There's a program out there called Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), that provides personal encryption capabilities essentially equal to those available to almost all governments and capable of ensuring information privacy against almost if not absolutely all attacks. It has a long and interestingly checkered history, including having been at one time an illegal munition of war. Originating as freeware, it now exists in both free and commercial incarnations.
You'll also want to look at the discussion and links to some versions of the program on Phil Zimmermann's website ( and at the GNU Privacy Guard website (, which provides a free implementation on the Open Source model.
Now you have been exposed to technical solutions to security. Please also understand the challenges afflicated with technical solutions. The following article pinpoints the forever challenge to technology:
Schneier, B. (2012), How Changing Technology Affects Security. IEEE Security & Privacy. March/April 2012.
When you've had a chance to review these materials, do any other research on the topic that you find helpful, and think about the issues involved.
Case Assignment:
please prepare a 3 page paper addressing the question:
Is using an encryption system like PGP a good idea for individuals and organizations? And why?

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Title: SSL https De encryption

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Essay Instructions: SSL/https De-encryption Project

SSL/https is widely used as is generally considered to be a secure method of encryption for the transmission of sensitive information across the Internet. But just how secure is it?

This project will consider ways and methods of de-encrypting https sessions using the following sources of information:

1. The lawful interception, monitoring, capture and analysis of https session data using network analysis and forensic tools
2. The exploration of how access to additional client and/or server data could be used to assist in the de-encryption of the data captured

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