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Title: EMTALA Violations

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1850 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I will be sending over additional specifics as attachments for your thorough review. Please make sure the paper is authentic. THE TOPIC TO CHOOSE IS: EMTALA Violations in the Healthcare System.
There are faxes for this order.

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Total Pages: 6 Words: 1581 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Assignment: develop a comprehensive plan for the hospital that addresses relavant current issues---I have chosen emergency room crowding because of EMTALA. I need assistance wtih this case analysis --Discuss key issues with EMTALA including corporate culture. Do SWOT model for situational analysis--it is important to understand the political/legal, economic, social/sultural, technological, and competitive situations faced by organization leaders. Relate the resources, competencies, and capbailities of the hospital to the external environement. draw stategic maps to show these relationships using solid lines for direct impact and dotted lines to show more indirect relationships.

I have the remainder of the report to include statageic alternatives and their implementation and evaluation.

The body of this paper includes:
1. key issues--EMTALA including items noted above
2. situational analysis--described above
3. strategy formulation
4. implementation strategies
5. evaluation of strategies

I have items 3,4,5 as part of hospital team. We are paying physicians to take call to cover uninsured emergency dept physicians---this plan has been designed and implmented and will evaluate over next few weeks.

Professor comments and approval of project as described below:
am presently involved in working on a program to pay physicians for
>> services delivered while on county call for the emergency dept. The
>> patient has no ability to pay---the demand for services is
>> present-the physicians are limited-and we are required by EMTALA to
>> see the
> patient.
>> Are we are going to pay physicians to be on call (period) for a
>> specialty such as general surgery.. We have 3 surgeons that must
> take
>> call---the others have worked their number of years to go out of the
>> call rotation--- limited our supply of surgeons for a growing
> population
>> (Union County). We are looking at this concept of paying physicians
>> just to take call, which seems to be new and upcoming for hospitals.
>> The health policy I would address is EMTALA---the case study would
>> address what my organization is doing for the future.

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Title: Health Management Discussion questions

Total Pages: 3 Words: 953 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Part A. Pretend that this question answered three (3) different students:

Describe the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). What is the primary provision of the EMTALA? How could a hospital legally avoid being covered by the EMTALA?

1) First student - 300 words and must include 1 online reference. Response should adhere to APA guidelines, including the citation of secondary sources.

2) Second student - 200 words and must include 1 online reference. Response should adhere to APA guidelines, including the citation of secondary sources.

3) Third student - 200 words and must include 1 online reference. Response should adhere to APA guidelines, including the citation of secondary sources.

Part B. Reflect on what you have learned from this question and include at least 1 reference either peer-reviewed or the textbook. (200 words).



1) Please, identify each student answer. Try not to make answers to look alike. Answer in paragraphs, not in essay type format.

2) Use only online sources (!) and free accessible web sites. Do not use any payable libraries or websites, where you need to log in to view the articles, since I need to go over and review the articles! Please include the link in the references.

In case you need textbook for reference: E-book version (Essentials of Health Care Finance) is on the website

Login information:

Password: 102938

Thank you.

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Essay Instructions: Case Assignment:
Bobby and Rachel were playing basketball on the school playground with a brand new backboard and rim build and installed by ACE Sports. When Bobby, with a boost from Rachel, tried to slam dunk the ball, he injured his wrists cutting them on the rim which had small pieces of metal sticking out from it.
There were no teachers or supervisors on school grounds at the time and the cuts were so severe that Rachel could not wait to call for help and was forced to take Bobby to the hospital on her bike. When they arrived at City General hospital, Bobby was immediately seen by a nurse who wrapped two large towels onto Bobby's wrists. Nurse Williams told Bobby to put pressure on the cuts while she tried to get a hold of his parents. Bobby was then directed to wait in the waiting room while his mother was contacted for insurance information for payment and consent. Bobby's mother was reached 75 minutes later. Because of lack of insurance Bobby was transferred to a local county facility for treatment.
Once seen by the county emergency room physician, Bobby was referred to Dr. Andrews for immediate surgery. Dr. Andrews determined that due to delays and extent of injuries Bobby's right hand/wrist would need to be amputated. The surgeon made all arrangements and the surgery was completed 3 hours later. When Bobby awoke with mother at his side, he was told that the left wrist was amputated in error and that he would require additional surgery to amputate the right wrist.
As a result of the circumstances in the hospital Bobby was left with both hands/wrists amputated.
Using the background materials as a foundation, research other sources and prepare and submit a 3-4 page essay (not including title and reference pages).
Assignment expectations:
1. Evaluate and discuss the potential liability (negligence or other torts) of the various parties in the scenario involving Bobby, the nurse, the surgeon and City General.
2. Be sure to discuss the elements of negligence as they apply to each party separately, and also discuss the application of EMTALA.
3. Define comparative negligence and discuss its application to the analysis of liability.
4. Avoid simply restating the facts/scenario. Incorporate them into your discussion. Be sure to cite all references properly.
5. Be sure to apply critical thinking skills from your analysis of the current literaure on the topics above.
6. Please use at least 3-5 scholarly sources and cite them both within your paper (at the end of paraphrased information) and listed at the end.

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