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Title: Research on employee turnover rates

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Essay Instructions: Employee turnover rates are high for many organizations, and you have noticed that the company you work for is no different. Research what other organizations are doing to hire and retain good employees in order to combat the high employee turnover rate.Use this research to make recommendations to the management of your organization.

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Title: Employee Turnover

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper discussing the Relationship between Employee Turnover and Job Satisfaction. If possible include a model that shows the correlation.

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Title: Evaluation Study of High Employee Turnover in a Florida Comprehensive Services Company

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Evaluation Study of High Employee Turnover in a Florida Comprehensive Services Company

This is the Literature Review for a Doctoral Dissertation

1) References/Sources should be no more that 5 years old. Individual references must be single spaced as a whole and then double spaced.(meaning from reference to reference)

2) Literature Review


Definition and Nature of Employee Turnover
Employee Satisfaction and Customer Turnover
Causes and Correlation of Employee Turnover
Analyzing Employee Turnover
Consequences of Employee Turnover
Controlling Employee Turnover

3)The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between high employee turnover and personal factors against the preference for compensation. This evaluation will be conducted on a comprehensive services organization located in Northeast, Florida that employs more than 12,000 people. The organization is one of the largest billing and customer service organization in X County.

4)Statement of Problem
The problem is that the organization is experiencing high employee turnover. The problem can be attributed to an increase in hiring, automated self-paced CD-ROM training technology, outsourced new hire agreements, and increase competition from similar industries in the local area as indicated by computer generated reports, exit interviews, weekly employee surveys and feedback from trainees.
Despite the overwhelming research and focus on employee turnover, few have been able to link turnover to a specific personal or intrinsic characteristic.
Therefore, the significance of this study is that it will create an opportunity to investigate employee?s behavior as it relates to the factors that are able to motivate and retain valuable human capital.
In addition, this investigation should be able to uncover what factors drive employees to select a pay method or compensation that would motivate them for increased performance and reduced turnover.

5) Literature Review Focus: The ability to look at past, present, future, for, against and conclusion of the subject matter.

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Title: Effects of Employee Turnover

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: A general paper on the effects of employee turnover on an organization including costs in terms of financial and customer retention.

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Effects of Employee Turnover

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