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Title: employee satisfaction and productivity a case study based on the ASDA retailer

Total Pages: 44 Words: 12732 References: 20 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: please ensure you show whether theris a correlation btwn employee satisfaction and procitivity/ output

factors that contribute to employee staisfaction, both on the job and off the job

can "satisfaction" be measured, if yes, how do we measure employee satisfaction; if no explain

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Essay Instructions: The Relation between employee satisfaction and quality system is the topic of the research Paper.

At least 5 articles addressing the approved topic must be used. I have attached several articles. The following two articles were read by the class:
1. Employee involvement and organizational citizenship: Implications for labor law reform and "lean production"
Peter Cappelli, Nikolai Rogovsky. Industrial & Labor Relations Review. Ithaca: Jul 1998. Vol. 51, Iss. 4; p. 633


2. The impact of human resource management practices on turnover, productivity, ...
Huselid, Mark. Academy of Management Journal; Jun 1995; 38, 3; ABI/INFORM Global
pg. 635.

I must use 3 or more from outside the class reading. Please avoid commercial websites or many of the sites available through Google or other general search engines. Google Scholar is acceptable - use Google Scholar as an electronic database . Sources on the web may, or may not be legitimate. EMU database sources have been evaluated by reviewers and editors. You should avoid commercial/consulting websites who are primarily relating success stories to sell their ?wares?.

These sources should present a balanced viewpoint. At least two of the sources should be based on original data; using ABI/Inform this means using classification code 9130. Articles with original data must be indicated in the reference list. No source should predate 1990. Write a 5 - 7 page paper evaluating the research. You should find the sources and integrate them into a narrative with your own conclusion. Your conclusion will summarize the key ideas and value of the cited sources as well as your opinion on the topic addressed.
All papers must contain: title page, introduction, main text, conclusion, and appropriate documentation of sources (cite 9130 or equivalent code). All facts, quotations, and paraphrases should be documented as to original source.

I am not sure about the citiation styles but I will check to make sure.

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Essay Instructions: Given the hypothesis high employee satisfaction is correlated with low employee absenteeism, address the following in your paper this week:

1) Identify the variables in this study. What are some extraneous variables that might impact your research? How would you control for extraneous variables?

2) What research design would you use to study this hypothesis and why?

3) What data collection techniques would you use to study this hypothesis and why?

4) Assuming that you get a correlation of r = -.70, what does this tell you about the strength and direction of the correlation between satisfaction and absenteeism?

5) What are some potential problems you might encounter, and what strategies would you use to minimize these problems?

Use APA standards.

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Title: customer experience and employee satisfaction and its relation to customer centricity approach at the orginizations

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4822 Sources: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The subject of my thesis is to do a research on my company which shows the effect of being a customer centric organization on both customer experience and employee satisfaction.
I need to structure a literature review for my thesis which discuss , links and reflect the relationship among the three main concepts namely, customer experience, employee satisfaction and, the customer centric organization. The thesis should thoroughly explain the link between the three concepts, customer experience, employee satisfaction and the customer centricity approach, the thesis hypothesis were constructed as follows:-
• The higher the customer centricity of an organization, the higher is the positive customer experience and employee satisfaction
• The higher the positive customer experience, the higher is the employee satisfaction and the customer centricity awareness of its employees.
• The higher the positive customer experience, the higher is the employee satisfaction.

The literature review should focus to define each concept and its role with different parties such as the customers and the employees, in addition, the report should clearly define the links between these concepts and the effect of each on the other. The report should start with the definition of the three main concepts separately and then shows the links of each of them and its effect on the operation of the organizations. The report should show the ability to critically evaluate relevant literature information, indicates the ability to integrate and synthesis the existing literature, and gives the credits who have laid the groundwork of my research. The literature review should provide new theoretical insights or develops a new as the conceptual frame work of my research, the literature review should be focused and posses unity and coherence.

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