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Title: Employee Motivation Concepts and Theories

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5502 Sources: 15 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please write a CUSTOM NON plagerized paper on Employee Motivation / Concepts & Theories :
Too many companies believe that employee
motivation rests in monetary rewards, without either realizing or acknowledging individuals' needs for recognition. Formal
studies and informal surveys alike reveal that while managers often will list money as the top factor in motivating employees, the employees themselves are much more likely to list first their desire for recognition, for someone to let them know they truly have done a good job. Today's most successful companies are ones in which employees have no question of the regard in which the company's leadership holds them. Bibliography lists15-20sources.

PLEASE do not plagerize!!!

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Essay Instructions: Literature Review - Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction focusing on the differences in motivating different generations in the workplace. Jason Dorsey, a Generation Y consultant focuses on how to motivate the Gen Y employees differently then Gen X and Baby Boomers, and Frederick Herzberg's findings are two areas that can be explored. How do different people respond to different types of motivation techniques. Included needs to be Graphs, data & examples. Need to be scholarly sources cited.

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Essay Instructions: Start by reading this article on work motivation:
Nohria, N., Groysberg, B., & Lee, L.E. (2008). Employee motivation. A powerful new model. Harvard Business Review, July-August, Vol 86, issue 7/8, p. 78-84.
Nohria and colleagues (2008) describe a new model and a study that they conducted on employee motivation.

Expectations (Content):
1. In your own words, explain what the four drives that underlie motivation are according to the authors. Discuss these needs in length and provide examples for each
2. What was the question that the researchers were attempting to answer in their research (i.e., their research question? and what did the researchers find in term of the influence of certain drives on some motivational indicators?
3. The motivation model that the authors describe in the article posits that employee motivation is influenced by a complex system of managerial and organizational factors. Describe those factors and explain how each factor can fulfill the drives that motivate employees. In other words, explain what actions need to be taken by each factor in order to enhance employees? motivation and what needs or drives are involved.

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Title: A study to determine four major methods to improve employee motivation

Total Pages: 2 Words: 893 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I already have the title "A study to determine four major methods to improve employee motivation" I need 4 research subquestions that are related to my title. Additionally add an introduction explaining the nature and importance of the problem….with support from 5 juried articles.

The Introduction should introduce the subject, explain the nature of the problem, the importance of the problem---with support from the information contained in your juried articles---followed by a statement of the research problem and the four research subquestions. The assignment should be about 2 or 2+ pages.

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