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Essay Instructions: Emotional Intelligence

Respond to the following scenario in a well-written, 4 - 6 page essay following APA guidelines.

You are a struggling writer. Several of your short stories are published thanks to winning entries in various writing contests. You are majoring in creative writing and English, your peers are also writers. Recently, you entered a university sponsored writing contest and placed third, another person in your class took home the grand prize. At first you were not upset, but a friend called you last week and told you she read the winning entry and it was remarkably similar to a story you published on the Internet a few months ago. You obtain a copy and sure enough, the plot is the same, the major characters are pretty much the same (though their names are different) and the only real difference you find is that the story takes place in a different city than yours. You feel your classmate plagiarized your story. Tomorrow is the banquet honoring the winners of the contest your classmate will of course be present.
What are you going to do?

In addition to responding to the question, "What are you going to do?", include the following:

?How do you think people with differing levels of emotional intelligence would react to the situation? Give specifics and list reactions for those with high, medium and low emotional intelligence.

?Did your level of emotional intelligence factor into your reaction to this scenario? Why or why not?

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Title: death and learn

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1728 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: emotional intelligence can help us to controlle our emotion if a person in the family is death- but can we learn how is the best way to death e.g. cohen and rational coice theory

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Title: Emotional intelligence Leadership - What makes a

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2676 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic and questions on written assignment with short essay

Emotional intelligence and Leadership - What makes a good leader?
?It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to engag you in a debate about a construct dear to many, but whose foundations I!?and a growing numberof others!?consider to be feeble. I suggested the title of our exchange because it can be interpreted in one of two ways: (a) to advance, does leadership as a science need !emotioal intelligence?? (EI)? (b) to succeed, do leaders need EI? Before providing you with a more developed response as to why I will answer ?yes?? and ?no?? to the above two questions respeely, as well as discuss measurement and predictive validity concerns surrounding EI, I would like to make a one thing clear.(...).Yet, given the flimsy evidence, I have gone from pilgrim to skeptic. In the spirit of open inquiry, I hope that my letter will stimulate discussion on important issues surrounding EI so that the field of leadership advances, either pulling EI along the way or leaving it behind??Antonakis, Ashkanasy
and Dasborough 2009, p. 247.

Reference: Antonakis, John, Ashkanasy Neal M., Dasborough Marie T. 2009. Does leadership need emotional intelligence? The Leadership Quarterly 20 (2009) p. 247?C26

1. Introduce the term emotional intelligence and explain various leadership styles in relation to EI. (300 words)
2. Discuss the question !can emotional intelligenc be learnt? (EI)? (b) to succeed, do leaders need EI?(Antonakis, Ashkanasy and Dasborough 2009, p.247). (300 words)
3. What is the main argument in the above presented case? (Antonakis, Ashkanasy and How would you respond to this argument? Dasborough 2009, p.247).
4. Beside emotional intelligence, discuss the relevance of the following skills for leaders. (800 - 1000 words)
a. Personality
b. Charisma
c. Conflict resolution skills
d. Cross- cultural competencies
e. Understanding power
f. One other skill/competency/characteristics you find important
5. Conclusion: Assess the value of your discussion above, including a statement what makes a good leader. (300 - 400 words)

Overall word limit: 2000 words (with 10% word tolerance).

You have to answer all 5 questions within the expected word limit. (10% word tolerance for each question).

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Essay Instructions: Organizational Review* (500 points): Report on your current or previous organizational environment(Law enforcement/ County Jail) in regard to emotional intelligence and primal leadership. Select a subordinate, peer, supervisor, or group to analyze within your selected company .(ex.Make up a situation about someone).

The organizational review is your opportunity to research, analyze, and discuss workplace Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership styles as well as other relevant theories (change management, organizational behavior, etc.). You are required to use a minimum of four resources beyond your textbooks for this paper (6 total references). Text books are Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Anne McKee, and Emotional intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Graves.

I am more concerned with content. Keep in mind quality verses quantity. Adherence to APA writing style is a must.
For Graduate students: Research, analyze, synthesize and report current workplace emotional intelligence and primal leadership. The paper should focus on emotional intelligence and the six primal leadership styles within your workplace. In addition, graduate students are required to develop a training strategy to implement emotional intelligence training into the workplace. Annotated bibliography must include a minimum of 6 references. (9 page paper of synthesized work).

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