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Instructions for Emotional Development College Essay Examples

Title: emotional development

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Essay Instructions: Outline the stages of emotional development in early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. Discuss the importance of self-esteem and include suggestions for how educators can promote positive self-esteem in the classroom.

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Title: Emotional Development in Early Adulthood

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Essay Instructions: Need at least 8 pages of text by 5:00pm EST

Please use the following outline:(running theme; How could this info be presented to a group experiencing this problems?)

I. Emotional Development
a. Love
i. Triangular Thoery of Love
b. Mate Selection
i. Personality Types
ii. Background Environmental Influences
c. Lifestyle choices/changes
i. Homosexuality/heterosexuality
ii. Singlehood
iii. Midlife Crisis

Please use some up to date articles as research sources if possible.

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Title: Lifespan Development

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Essay Instructions: Please include the following:

Research Paper

Select a biography to read on which to base your Final Project. Think about leaders, artists, composers, researchers, professors, otherwise influential people, etc. The person you choose should be someone who has had impact (positive or negative) on others and/or society.
• You must use a biography and not an autobiography.
• Your selection must be one person and not a group of individuals.
Submit the name of the person you selected, why you selected him/her (in terms of his/her impact), and the citation for the biography you will use as the basis for your Final Project.
Your Final Paper should be 12??"15 pages of written text, not including references.
For each of the following, explain the development and outcomes of the person’s life in terms of the appropriate constructs, processes, and theories of development. Address as many of the ages and stages as possible and which are relevant.
• Explain the person’s life in terms of nature/nurture influences.
• Provide an analysis of the role cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development/changes played in the person’s life.
• Explain major milestones and turning points in the person’s life with the theories that best explain each. Include both classical and contemporary theories and use as many as is fitting.
• Explain the impact of diversity* on the person’s life (success, lack of success, struggles, challenges, decisions, etc.). .
*Diversity includes gender, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.
Please contact me before the writer begins this project. The famous character needs to be approved by me.
Thank you very much.
Thomas Gross

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Title: child abuse and neglect

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Essay Instructions: Research paper on child abuse and neglect:
How the aspect of maltreatment affects children in school performance, emotional development, and relationship with their peers and parents. Also, psychological outcomes of child abuse and neglect( behavioral and cognitive aspect of it).
I'll be providing 6 articles and I would like this paper to be written in simple language form.
Thank you.
There are faxes for this order.

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