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Title: Emile Durkheim

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Essay Instructions: Emile Durkheim argues that as societies advance or modernize organic solidarity increasingly replaces mechanical solidarity. How do these types of solidarity differ? What unites members of a group governed by mechanical forms of solidarity? How is this reflected in the social structure of groups united by this type of solidarity? What unites members of societies governed by organic forms of solidarity? What is most characteristic of the social structure of societies bound by organic solidarity? Is solidarity weaker or stronger in more modern societies? Are members of modern societies more or less dependent on each other than the members of ?primitive societies??

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Title: Durkheim's and Weber's view of modernity

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Essay Instructions: Emile Durkheim and Max Weber were somewhat concerned about what they thought of as the "pathologies" of modern society. Please explain each's fears of modernity and from the advantage of hindsight were Durkheim and Weber's fears justified, or not?

Refer to the iron cage of rationality for Weber and anomie for Durkheim to help support and answer the questions.

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Title: Emile Durkheim suicide theory

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Essay Instructions: Prompt
Your assingment is to select an idea or theory formulated by clasical sociologits, and in a five to seven page, double-spaced paer, research its contemporary significance by using your own and/or other peoples` observations. simply put, test the concept in today`s world, and find out how well it has stood the test of time.
As with any research paper, your first task will be to construct a research design consisting of three fundamental elements:1. your questions or problem 2. your answer or hypothesis 3. your methodology. In other words, ask yourself 1. what do I want to find out - what is the ideas or theory that I want to investigate? 2. What do I think the answer is -my educated guess to my orignal question? How, and to what extent, doyou think the idea or theory is useful in explaining modern life. 3. How do I intended to find out -by what method am I going to test my hypothesis to ascertain its validity-to see if my guess is right or wrong. The introduction or first paragraph, of every paper must contain a clear and concise statement of your question, your hypothesis, and your method. The body of your paper should consist of four to five pages wherein you present your data or evidence. Your conclusion should summarize our findings and suggest how your hypothesis could be improved.

Topic:Emile Durkheim suicide theory

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The goal of this 1500 word essay is to demonstrate the various ways in which classical modernity can be understood. The theorist?s perspective will be that of Emile Durkheim.

QUESTION: How does Durkheim understand the difference between modern societies and pre-modern ones? What new problems do modern societies face and how might they be addressed?
This essay needs to give a simple but informed synopsis of Durkheim?s work with a focus on division of labour. Avoid going into too much detail regarding Durkheim?s work on suicide and the role of crime in society as this is not the focus of this essay.

Critically engage with Durkheim?s work and if secondary theorist is used to contrast etc please use Marx?s theories. Provide a summation of what Durkheim is saying & evaluate what is compelling or weak about his arguments.
Put forward a strong and relevant argument
Include at least three academic sources.
In addressing the topic the following should influence content:
? An explanation of social solidarity
? Explain what social facts are and why Durkheim puts so much emphasis on them
? Explain why Durkheim sees modern societies as unique and how is modern society different from the pre-modern era
? Explain how Durkheim measures social solidarity and why laws are important to this discussion
? Explain the difference between restitutive and repressive forms of punishment and how these forms of punishment are related to the difference between mechanical and organic solidarity.
? In the context of this work explain the difference between normal and pathological relationships and give examples of pathological states that are exclusive to modernity.
The essay will need to:
Critically engage with the authors by identifying their strengths and weaknesses
Provide illustrative examples
Have an introduction that sets out what will be argued in a clear and concise fashion
Have a conclusion that does more than sum up the arguments.

PLEASE NOTE: For some unexplained reason you get the incorrect email address for me. Correspondence must be forwarded to this email address:
Do not just reply to address that comes up on receipt of my email

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