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Title: Elvis Presley

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Essay Instructions: Case Study: Elvis Presley

Deliverable length: Case study: 700?1,000 words; 2 analytical frameworks: 350?700 words each; 250-word summary

This week you will continue to refine and build on the case study by including the following section on personality..


To complete this assignment, select two aspects of your subject?s personality that interest you and analyze them based on a specific psychological theory. Use that - theory as a frame for interpreting their personality.

Write as if you are a psychologist, assessing your subject?s personality.

You may select a specific theorist or one of their theories for this assignment.
Address two personality characteristics such as:


Finally, include a summary. What can you conclude about the usefulness of psychological theories to explain and deepen your understanding of personality and other factors that determine behavior?

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Title: Elvis Presley

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Essay Instructions: Abstract (page)

Content: Person of study is Elvis Presley

Introduction (explain biographical sketch, psychological explanation)

Part 1: Biographical Sketch

1. Who you chose, give a short explanation of why you chose them.
2. upbringing
3. work
4. personal life
5. accomplishments
6. philosophy

Part 2: Psychological Explanation

Pick 1 of the 4 psychological perspectives and, using it as a frame, explain 2
aspects of your person?s behavior in terms of that approach (psychodynamic, behavioristic, cognitive or

1. Perspective you chose and define it

a. explain one aspect (Childhood, Education, Family, Mental Health, Career) of
your person's behavior within the psychological perspective you chose

b. explain one aspect (Childhood, Education, Family, Mental Health, Career) of
your person's behavior within the psychological perspective you chose

Concluding Remarks


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Works Cited:

Works cited:

Filler, Jenna, "Elvis Presley: The King of Rock 'N' Roll," Retrieved August 28, 2012, from the PennState Website: http://www.personal.psu.edu/jhf5032/Elvis.html

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Title: Elvis Presley 20th Century Pioneer

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Essay Instructions: we will pay more for this one - ross@snrinfo.com

Our assignment was to choose a person from 20th century American History that made a significant impact on the nation's history. Our paper can briefly discuss the individual's background but the main focus of the paper should discuss the person's role as an important historical figure. I chose Elvis Presley and his historical importance through his music.
1. There is a minimum length of 1500 words within the body of the paper.
2. Must be typed/word processed.
3. Body of paper should be double spaced, standard font style, 12 font, black text, and page numbers at bottom.
4. A minimum of five scholarly sources are required. No encyclopedias, textbooks, or any other popular or general reference source. Focus on sites maintained by colleges and universities, historical organizations, or the government.
5. All citations should be in endnote form; no in-text citations.

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Title: Elvis Presley

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Essay Instructions: Biographical case study: Elvis Presley

Detail the person?s life story, career accomplishments, where he or she came from, upbringing and education, interesting turning points or major life events, personal life, values, and choices.

Discuss the case study from various psychological perspectives and theories..

Discuss your interpretation of the person?s behavior and what shapes and explains his or her life story.

Discuss those aspects of the person's behavior that can be labeled normal or abnormal by society

The case study approach is a humanistic technique (as opposed to experimental design or observation).

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this approach to studying human behavior.

What have you learned about what psychology offers as a tool for understanding individuals?

How do you think psychology can provide an essential set of skills to apply in the workplace?

Add a 300 word Summary addressing the statement: ?You can?t understand others unless you understand yourself.? Summarize how psychology provides lenses and resources for understanding individual human behavior.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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