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Title: Research on poet Elizabeth Bishop

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Essay Instructions: Research on Elizabeth Bishop("The Fish")
While biographical information is important, what is most iimportant is how Elizabeth Bishop's life experience, values and philosophies intersect with her written work.
The following questions should dominate the direction of the research.
What are the prominent themes of Elizabeth Bishop's writings?
What life events, beliefs, values and experiences influence the plots, themes, and settings of her writings.
How does Bishop's life(physical,emotional,intellectual,mental)surface in her body of work?
The research paper then answers these questions by providing background information, example and analysis.
Thank you!

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Title: the art of poetry

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Essay Instructions: Your assignment is to read Elizabeth Bishop's villanelle "One Art" (page 53) and write a 300- to 400-word response paper in which you examine the effectiveness of the relationship of the structure to the form. Please remember that like all papers in this course, your paper must follow formal essay requirements. That is, it must include a thesis statement, textual evidence as well as a conclusion.

1. Read the poem mentioned above and consider the effectiveness of the relationship of the structure to the form.

2. In a Microsoft Word document, write a 300- to 400-word response paper addressing the topic.

3. If necessary, review "Part 2: Writing about Poetry" (pages 302-40) of your textbook for writing suggestions and guidelines.

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Title: POEM

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Essay Instructions: Poem: ONE ART by Elizabeth Bishop
Critical/analysis response. An explication essay,analyzing the poem in terms of such poetic devices as form,metaphor,symbolism,imagery,theme. Discuss what your explication has led you to learn or say about the poem's overall meaning and/or effect.Answers the question,in detail,of "how does the poem make its meaning?"

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Title: Approaches to Biographical Literature Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell

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Essay Instructions: This research paper is to analyze the relationship between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell and how Lowell affected Bishop's writing and poetry. Lowell and Bishop had a friendship where it seems Lowell was caring and very positive toward Bishop (There are hints that the relationship was loving and even intimate in some regards)

The writer should look at Bishops poetry and see how it was affected by Robert Lowell and also look at the correspondances between the two (letters, etc.)

Two works that spring to mind are Bishop’s elegy for Lowell, "North Haven," and the Armadillo, which Bishop dedicated to Lowell. Some Lowell works are fine like "the Skunk Hour" as it was a response to "The armadillo," But again this paper is how Lowell affected Bishop.

The writer should discuss how Bishop was affected by Lowell, and should focus on specific works. Do not focus on singular works or correspondances as to make that the entirity of the paper, but also do not write about too many works or correspondances as to make each subject hollow or thin.

As the sources must be scholarly, the writer should also please be the same. If possible, no unworthy writing simply to extend the paper's length (Everything written should have purpose and be back up)
Please only scholarly/secondary sources. Thanks. Please quote as needed and always back up any and all qutes with proper amount of writing. No limit to quoting, but also please do not ovr do it or not do it enough. Looking for a happy medium. Thank you ery much

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